Series you've recently watched, are now watching or have given up on

I also started watching Young Sheldon and I like it quite a bit. Yes, Annie is a delight and Zoe Perry is a great younger Mary Sheldon ( her mother, Laurie Metcalf plays the role on TBBT). Coincidentally, I happened to catch TBBT ep last night where we meet Meemaw. She certainly did get cranky in her old age.

Finally finished the rewatching of GOT. That last season was a bit of a mess, but overall I enjoyed all of it.

We’re still watching Stisel, which really grows on you. The writing is excellent and so is the acting. It’s pretty slow going, so if car chases and gunfire are your thing, you won’t like it.

Unless you are already subscribing to Peacock, I wouldn’t sign up just for Yellowstone. For one thing Paramount (cable channel) does a LOT of “catch up” marathons and will show all seasons, back to back. So you just need to wait. It seems CMT has also started showing some episodes.

As for “Yellowstone”, the first 2 seasons were pretty good. Season 3 felt like they had about 3 episode’s worth of actual story/plot to tell so there was a lot of filler. The filler is entertaining, but it certainly feels like “just thrown in” to have some action, or laughs, or whatever. And then the last episodes were merely build up to the finale…to hook you into watching season 4.

Season 4 has started out somewhat predictable…and is starting to have the “extra filler” feel to it. I suspect they didn’t have quite a full season of story to tell, again.

I just took a peak at the first ep and I like the inclusion of Native American actors and issues. Looks like another us-v-them political/family drama, but maybe worth a look. I couldn’t get the CC to work, though. Not sure what that’s about.

Although Peacock has a free ad-supported tier, so it’s not like signing up is going to cost anything.

If you like travel shows, and/or food shows, you’ve got to see Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix). Highly, highly recommended.

After The Chestnut Man, we started watching other Scandanvian shows. I like Katla. We tried The Valahlla Murders and dropped it quickly. We’re currently watching Equinox. I’ve heard people compare it to Dark. I don’t think it’s quite that good, but there’s definitely some supernatural shenanigans. It’s worth watching.

It’s not “just Sheldon” as such; it’s a family sitcom with a weird kid, some wisecracking siblings, quirky and not-quite-in-control parents and a feisty grandparent. Format-wise there have been lots of similar shows. It’s certainly more of an ensemble piece than, say, Joey was, which really was “just Joey”.

But the actual young Sheldon character will not appeal to everyone (although the actor is doing a great job thus far).

I thought FTWD was better than TWD the first couple seasons but then went off the rails. I still watched the most recent episodes that are available for streaming.

Finished the final season of The Americans. Enjoyed it quite a bit, a few minor quibbles but overall a very intense experience. Great acting and writing.

I think I have to abandon season 2 as well. The first one had some darkness, but was mostly an interesting unfolding mystery, but this season it’s just horribly dark, and I’m not in a receptive mood for that level of grotesque gore anymore. I want some light to balance the dark.

Somebody Feed Phil is fantastic and one of those truly nice but not boring shows that I use as a break from all the dark, dysfunctional stuff like Succession. Love Travel Man too.

If you like Nordic Noir, I think you can’t do better than Trapped (Iceland). It has great characters, not the least of which is the Icelandic winter.

It dropped in quality near the end. Spacefilled (digging that grave) and just weird pacing decisions. Pinnacle was that scene in the Russian prison. So brutal. A bullet was needed for Page and the Reverent. But I can imagine that happened a week after the finale for the Reverent. It struck me that the soviets did not forgive and forget.

Well, some of them are only Native American in the “claims to be Cherokee but they disavow any knowledge of her” sense. There was a bit of a stink about it a couple years ago.

Yes, thirding this.
As much as I hate that guy’s other show, I love him.

Possibly the most shocking moment in my TV viewing history. Still haunts me.

Speaking of Ghosts, some of them seem to be fading away. The Viking was not in the last two episodes, and the Gilded Age lady was not in Thursday’s episode. And I know I saw a 1950s-style hood with a severed head skulking around in the first episode and briefly in another one, but then nada. I figure maybe that one is your James Dean-type loner who was decapitated in a car wreck back in the '50s and stays aloof from everyone, but where are the other two?

The headless ghost in the UK version didn’t get much screen time, either (except for a backstory episode a couple seasons in). The head was played by an actor who also plays one of the other (more prominent) ghosts.

Well I watched episode 1 of Yellowstone, liked it.

FWIW I have peacock with the free xfinity flex with the home internet, it’s pretty good, ads not too intrusive and good range of content.