Series you've recently watched, are now watching or have given up on

Yeah, I get that. It also seems to be changing into a more conventional sitcom about different people living together in a house, whereas the first season was more of a hilarious take on modern vampires living in a big city.

Still, even slightly worse WWDITS is better than most comedies on TV. Still enjoying it.

The idea of an energy vampire was pure genius.

Yeah. And they got a real energy vampire to play the part!

The actor, Mark Proksch, used to troll TV stations as a ‘yo-yo’ expert named Kenny Strasse. Thry’d have him on to show his skills, and he’d procede to ramble on for as long as they would let him, then he’d demonstrate his yo-yo ‘skills’ by dropping it on the floor or getting the string tabgled pr something. He had no idea how to use it.

Here is the energy vampire before he met the gang in the show, draining hapless TV hosts…

Holy shit, that’s hilarious!

Opposite reaction, thought the last season was right up there. Pastor Tim didn’t rat them out when the FBI called him in (Buenos Aries?) years later. That got him a pass, I’d bet. I think one of the final scenes could have been improved on…

After all the emphasis on Elizabeth’s increasing smoking habit in S6, when Paige goes back to Claudia’s former apartment and pours herself a big glass of vodka, she should have then lit a cigarette to cement the idea that she would follow in Mom’s footsteps. I think The Center would have continued trying to coax her back into the game.

I’ve been trying to watch The Lost Symbol, the TV adaptation of the latest Dan Brown “Robert Langdon” book, aka Da Vinci Code Part IV. It’s produced by Ron Howard, so thematically it’s a close match to the movies, which were not the greatest of this particular genre, but they were a decent watch.

The problem with this dour TV series is it’s ten episodes long, which is about six too many. It just goes on and on, round in circles. The jeopardy increases and pace speeds up only to immediately slow down again, twice per episode. They’re trying to build it up to something, but the momentum keeps stalling.

I want a fun adventure, but this is just miserably dark, which is not what I am looking for coming out of a global pandemic. I’ll try to stick it out, but I really just don’t care.

I watched about 4 episodes of Invasion on Apple TV, but I give up.

I realized I hate most of the characters and hope the aliens win, so it’s probably not meant for me.

Started Trese on Netflix – anime inspired show based on a Filipino comic book. I like the premise that there are (somewhat fragile) accords between humans and the supernatural.


I watched the first three episodes, and gave up. My brain just can’t turn off the fact that she can now talk to ghosts. Anywhere! This is a billion-dollar power she has - either from resolving issues with dead people, or becoming an amazing thief, or frick it, become a historian with AMAZING insight into little-documented historical events.

I know, I know, its just a show I should really just relax. But I can’t, dagnabbit!

One limitation with exploiting the ghosts is that they can’t leave the place where they died. Otherwise, she could take them to a poker tournament and they could stand behind other players and read their cards.

She can also see ghosts in other locations - like in her doctor visit. I’m sure someone has died in a casino. Or in the stock market - have a ghost watch a super-trader get his trades ready, and do it a minute before he does. Boom. A few million in bitcoin. Nobody knows Grandma’s banking password for her million-dollar account? For 10%, she’ll talk to grandma and get the password.

I mean… no.

Too soon.

That only works if Grandma is still haunting the place where she died. We already know that some (most?) who died are sucked off (i.e. ascend to heaven).

In the BBC version she tried something like that. Except she used the medieval peasant who can’t read and has never seen a playing card before.

Right. I forgot that episode.

And you have to make it worth the ghost’s while to help you. They’re not all addicted to TV.

… Tell me what I want to know, and your grandson gets $100K. Or conversely, do this, or I end your family line

I like the “dark show” version better. Wouldn’t that be a plot twist :).

Not just a show - it’s a sitcom. There was also an episode (again: BBC) where she tries the whole “ghost hunter” thing and the ghosts all refuse to cooperate. Hilarity and embarrassment ensues.

Haven’t seen the US version but I sometimes ponder whether Alison is being kind or unfair in not telling Pat and Julian’s families about their ghosts. On the one hand their loved ones would want to speak to them; on the other, it would be kind of a total mindfuck for them.

Exactly! A basic conceit of the show is that no matter how hard the protagonist tries to profit from her ability, it will usually backfire because ghosts just aren’t dependable partners in any kind of enterprise.

I’m just sad that the US version can’t do the “Butt Ho” joke.