Seriously guys, does this kind of thing ever work?

This morning as I was walking to the Metro North station to get to work I came to an intersection and paused, waiting for the red hand to turn into a little blinking man. Across the street was this guy who was staring at me. Like, took off his sunglasses and leaned back, looking me up and down kind of staring at me. It was fairly creepy but there were a lot of people around so I wasn’t too worried about it. So I see the little man on the sign light up letting me know I am far less likely to get run over by the Mx60 bus if I cross now and I walk across the intersection where this guy is still standing, staring at me. He walks up and says, “Hey mama, when are you going to let me take you to dinner?” I looked at him, told him I wasn’t interested as politely as possible and kept walking. He then proceeded to shout after me to see if I had a less discriminating sister. :rolleyes:

Now, this is not a rare occurence, just the most recent. Almost every single day since I moved to NY I get hit on and cat called by men in the oddest places and situations. It appears that for some reason men think that by saying, “Hey baby, would you like a ride to my house?” or something equally stupid they will cause a shift in gravitational forces, making my pants drop like lead weights to the ground. Now I know that I am sexy and I appreciate the fact that these men also know that I am sexy, but it is so sad that the best they can come up with is barely a step up from, “Aoooga!”

Come on guys, does this ever really work? Have you ever met a woman you dated/slept with/whatever due to a poorly worded come-on shouted in her direction? How would you respond to a woman who yelled, “Hey, you want to come to the pants party?” at you in the middle of the street?

Well, if a gal said it…it’d work (if she were cute).

It doesn’t matter whether it works or not, that’s not the point. It’s showing off how macho and horny they are to other guys around them. This is why building sites are hotbeds of this behaviour.

I guess you should look on the bright side and be happy he didnt look you up and down and say “Don’t point that beard at me, it might go off.” -Groucho Marx

Y’know how women mostly dress nicely to impress other women, and catching a man’s eye is mostly irrelevant (but a nice bonus!)? Yeah, same thing here. He’s acting like an ape to “impress” other people, probably men, with what a gigantic pair of bronze balls he has. That they’re rattling around in his empty skull is apparently unimportant to him.

I guess I came in here to sympathize, but I really came in because I was like I know that Doper! I met her! I even known how to say her username now! And I kind of know where she lives! (Well, generally speaking.)

:smiley: I’m such a little kid sometimes.

And we teamed up to try and conquer Ubi!

But honestly, I have met some really great men and been on dates with more than a few here in the city, but they have all been polite and not honking and yelling about my tits. I can’t see how harrassing some woman you don’t know would impress anyone at all, so their theory doesn’t make sense to me but whatever. (And if it is all for show, if I told some guy that I would be delighted to take him up on his offer would he freak out or would he consider that a bonus?)

They have, but then they had to pay her.

[Disclaimer]I’m not implying that you looked like, were dressed like or had any other resemblance to play for pay[/disclaimer] I think guys who do that think, well, it worked on the hooker… :smiley:

Humans are not very smart. Someone who is attuned with normal social convention would realize that this approach does not work after 10 tries. These people will not realize it after 10000 tries. Men with adequate social awareness would realize that everyone knows he is a dick. What appalls me is how great the social, age and beauty gap is between the involved parties. Hope springs eternal in the human male. I know that a hot young thing is not going to give me the time of day until she realizes what a brilliant creative guy I am.

I always wanted to try that, but it seemed kind of risky. Besides, I would not mean it, so I wouldn’t quite feel right doing it.

Can you blame a guy for trying? Oh wait, I guess you can… :smiley:

In the perfect fantasy world, if a hot chick made a pass at me, we would be in bed in a split second. In reality, if a hot chick made a pass at me and I wasn’t actively trying to attract someone, I would be highly suspicious. Is she a cop? Prostitute? Comedian? A guy?

But the thing is, it does work. Maybe only 1 in a million, but damnit, they’re holding out for that one.

Aoooga! (eyes pop out, jaw drops)

Rand McNally reminded me of a story. My dad had a friend in high school who would stand out by a fairly busy intersection in downtown suburban Florida. He would hit on every young female passerby. My dad asked him how this turned out. The friend replied: “99 times out of 100 it doesnt, but that 1 time sure does make up for the rest!”

Sometimes I wish I could live like that, conscience and social-morays be damned!

Eels (my bolding) should be the least of anyone’s problems. :smiley:

At least you get actual words.

All I ever get is: “psssssssssst pssssssssssssst Hey! psssssssssst!” and then I usually get called a “stuck up bitch” when I ignore them. Really? I am supposed to respond to snake noises?

The thing is, though, as a man, I’m never impressed when other men do this. In fact, I’m so “not impressed” by it that it hurts.

Of course, I’m also not impressed by how much beer other guys can drink, but that doesn’t stop them from bragging about it.

My girlfriend and I had just finished dinner at Houstons. We were walking outside, on our way to the mall across the street, when we noticed a biggish guy standing by a limo. Just then, a girl road by the limo on a bicycle, and the guy yelled “Hey baby!, I want to ride with you”, in somewhat of a high voice. My girlfriend turned to me and said “That’s Mike Tyson---- what a jerk!”. I looked back at him, and sure enough, it was.

It didn’t work for him…

What really bothers me is when they honk at you in the car. Is that suppost to get my attention then come running?

He should try something more romantic, like nibbling on her ear. Oh, wait…

A guy in a thong was rafting down the Apple River, and started in on the women. The jack ass,“You looking at my penis.” " I know you want some of this, it’s so big." My brother yelled “Show us your penis, we want to see how big it is!” The guy shut up while within sight of them. The river is magic too. Apparently unopened cans of beer keep floating by as you inner tube.