Sex Drive

How often do guys really think about sex?

My boyfriend is always horny and so I figured it must be every like 2.3 seconds. How do you de-hornify a guy?

Sometimes I try to gross him out by mentioning my period to get him out of the mood, but what if that doesnt work either???

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Hey, wait, didn’t I just see this?

  1. Always

  2. You don’t. Be glad that he finds you compellingly attractive. I have heard many people (men and women) complain about the opposite situation.

  3. Try talking to him. Relationships are made up of 2 equal parts. He is making himself very clear, it is time you do the same. You can never be too young or too early into a relationship to learn the fine art of communication.

just my 2 cents worth, feel free to ignore

Have you tried actually having sex with him?

Sorry, Yes i accidently posted this twice. The one with the subject of boys wasnt sposed to be there, it was only a preveiw. Ooops, sry bout that


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drachillix, Arent you cute?? Lol, that is none of your business but trust me, its no concern either ;o)

Yeah drachillix, don’t you know not to pry into her life? How dare you ask her about sex? Now just sit tight and let’s resume. Where were we? Oh yes, she was telling us about her periods and her horny boyfriend.

Since your other thread has more replies, I’ll close this one.

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