Sex Education -- Netflix TV show

The second season just dropped and I really like the show.

It about Otis Milburn, a teen whose mother is a sex therapist. Otis has overheard a log of her counseling sessions, and has gained a bit of knowledge (but no practice) about sex. At the urging of Meave, he sets himself up as a sex counselor for the rest of his class.

Otis is extremely embarrassed about it all, and it’s not helped by his mother, who is completely sex positive and unconcerned about his boundaries. There’s also his gay best friend, and various other people and relationships.

Gillian Anderson plays Otis’s mother, and she’s absolutely hilarious as her deadpan delivery is perfectly designed to embarrass Otis the most. Asa Butterfield has starred in several films, including Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and is great a Otis.

Its language is very open and specific, which may put some people off, but it’s a realistic look at how teens talk about sex.

It can be laugh-out-loud funny, and deeply moving, even in the same episode.

Has anyone else caught this?

Yes, watched season 1, love it. Just watched the first ep. of season 2. Still love it.

Did not expect to see a cumshot on a Netflix show, but that was hilariously awkward.

Even funnier and more awkward was the next scene.

Watched both seasons this week, liked it. Towards the end I did get a feel of new obstacles being tossed in just to keep the episodes going, though. And it went to less humor and more straight-out soap-operay drama in the last episodes.

Did not know that Gillian Anderson was the mother until I noticed her name in the end credits deep into season 2. Even after knowing it, she was unrecognizable. (And I had seen part of the recent X-Files revival.)

I enjoy that the X Files theme is her ringtone.

Yeah, I really liked this show, too.

Initially I was put off by the name, and also by the fact that I haven’t really liked Asa before. Plus throw in Agent Scully and I felt like “what in the world are they going for with this show.”

But then you get bored enough one night and give it a shot. Wow! I found it surprisingly charming. Asa Butterfield is doing a great job. Many of the other actors are great, too – my favorite is the guy playing Eric.

I am on a Netflix free trial, and tried a few other shows, like Atypical and Working Moms, that were fine – but Sex Education is the real standout for me. Although I do agree with the soap opery/obstacles critique of later episodes.

It is now filled with love triangles.

I love this show!

I get that it’s fiction and all, but is this an even remotely accurate depiction of British teenagers? I mean, I know teens are sex-ed up and all that (I was one once), but damn, these kids are getting more action in a week then I got in four years of high school.

I’m sure it’s exaggerated for dramatic and humorous effect.

Yes, I just re-watched the first season, to get ready to watch the second. I think it’s a charming show. Funny and often moving.

I should tune in, I follow GA and she is so funny, references SE often. I loved her pics from a Belgian chocolate shop, yoni’s and thunderbolts. lol

I remembered this thread and gave it a shot the other night. I’m at the beginning of S2 now. I like the girl that is super eager to lose her virginity. She’s kind of weird looking in the show but is surprisingly attractive in real life. Recognized GA immediately despite not knowing she was in the show. She looks very good in this and plays the part well. I wish Eric was written as more of a regular guy. It’s like the writer’s said “Well he’s gay so obviously we have to make him super flamboyant.” I really like his relationship with his father though. That is well done.

The other two gay boys aren’t especially flamboyant. I like Eric.

I didn’t like season 2 as much as season 1. A little too over-the-top. But it had a lot of good moments. The scene where Otis is watching the little dog in episode 1 is hysterical.

I also love that it is ACTUALLY educational. I can’t remember any other show that referenced and explained asexuality, bisexuality and pansexuality. And without making it a joke, and taking the issues about finding your sexuality serious.
And the arc with the Girl being traumatized after her assault in the bus was especially powerful. Her reactions were very realistic and painful to watch, and I like it didn’t end with everything hunky dory, but at least she is on her way to recovery.
And say what you want about the school and the mostly lousy teachers, but letting the weird Girl set up her version of Romeo and Juliet was awesome!

Agree! I got some education watching it.

I like Eric, still not liking the headmaster’s son. I know he’s written to be hard to like. Finished the available seasons on Netflix.

In the US, that would lead to mass firings, and possibly torches and pitchforks.

I realized at some point that the genre is utopian fiction. Yes, there’s all sorts of awfulness, from miscommunications to sexual assault. Yes, there are villains who threaten the utopia.

But the kids go to a school where there are two different sexual health educators, where there’s very little stigma attached to non-cishet identities, where people are far more open and honest about sexual health than in any school I ever attended. Where Romeo and Juliet has dickhand monsters.

It kinda sets a vision for the future.

The future that liberals want!

I only have 1 more S2 ep to go, and am sad. I’m really impressed w/ the depth they have given so many characters. Plus, it is so funny! Wasn’t thrilled w/ some of the S2 developments (hcpped neighbor, cliched out-of-control party), but have come to appreciate the richness they add. Even the 2d to last ep, w/ the morning after pill and the girls in detention, impressed me as more sincere than often encountered on TV.

Any idea when/if add’l eps planned?