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Barebacking = sex w/o condom. The term started in the gay community a few years back after the successes of HAART [Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy] became fairly well-known. Fewer full-blown AIDS ‘poster kids’ were seen on the street because many HIV positive folks were responding so well. Barebacking gained popularity as well as commonly held beliefs that public health experts were the safe sex police or condom police. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in STD rates in major US cities; gonorrhea incidence among gay Chicagoans have doubled.

I don’t mean to sound like a gay-basher, far from it. But I think that there is also a similar shift happening in the so-called straight community as well. After all, we are human and the big AIDS scare is becoming, well, less of a scare.

I’m interested in seeing if SDMB folks, especially those with multiple partners, use condoms for protection against STDs and AIDS. Most who have responded are monogomous [long term partnership or serial monogomy not identified].

Now that I have explained why I have asked the question, I will go one step further. I have three pre-teens who will become sexually active in the coming years. We have always been pretty much open about sex, condoms and sexual responsibility [Mr Kiffa is an STD public health expert.] Parents have the primary role in teaching their kids how to survive and be successful in life. But they do not live in a vacuum; there’s lots of other info sources out there to influence kids in making their decisions. Some correct, but lots of info sources are misleading, overrule or down right wrong.

What can be done to promote condom use and safe sex practices?

Well, I don’t know how much my answer will help. Sexually active only with my husband, and no, we haven’t used condoms since the vasectomy results came back.

I have talked to my boys about condoms, and actually started talking with them about it when they were pre-schoolers. We had the whole sex talk, discussed what it meant and when you should start, and the results of sex without protection. I don’t believe in waiting until puberty to talk about it, as I feel that hormones will cloud the issue. I think the biggest thing in the boys favour is that they really don’t want to get someone pregnant. They have two baby sisters, and they know how much work babies are. Both the boys have told me that they don’t want kids until they’re 30. I have told them that it’s best to wait until you start, and whether you wait or not, use a condom. When the oldest hits puberty, I’m going to start keeping condoms under the sink. Heck, even if he takes them and gives them to friends who are having sex, I’ll be happy. As long as someone is using them. I really want my kids to make thoughtful choices.

Are you sexually active, have multiple partners and barebacking?

Yes. Sort of. Not until the vasectomy results come back. :smiley:

yes, no and yes

I believe a negatory on the first would immediately answer the remaining two

Yes, no, no… :::::::sigh:::::::

yes, no, yes

yes, yes, no.

I’m a good boy.

I wish I was.
I wish I could.
I wish I had the opportunity to do so.

I made a decision to be celibate nine years ago.

It was not a decision made because I could not find sex, but because I had failed to find love and chose not to separate the two things.

A few years ago, I committed once again to the faith I have always believed in, but not always practiced. This has solidified my celibacy. I truly believe that physical love is best practiced within the confines of a loving, caring and committed relationship. Hey, it may be JMHO, but I believe that it is the best path to happiness.

So; NO, NO, NO.


Does “sexually active” include paddling your own canoe?

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. yes

have a nice day. (i will.)


Not in some time.