Sex Poll

Are you sexually active, have multiple partners and barebacking?

Yes, sometimes (not now), and no.

Bearbacking??? Ummm… well not yet anyway :smiley:

Above post was brought to you courtesy of Bear Nenno, NOT Michi! :slight_smile:

Sorry, not bear, but bare as in “without”.

Yes, no, yes.

No no no

yes, sometimes, no

Yes, I am ( Although movement tends to be only up and down):smiley:
No, I don’t(I can only handle one woman at a time):smiley:
Yes, we do (Skin on skin feels soooo goood!):smiley:

Yes, solo, with protection. It’s a wierd situation…

Yes; absolutely not; and yes

Yes. Yes. Definitely not!

Yes - No - Sometimes.

Yes - No - Yes

No, no, no. Sad, really.

Yes no yes

But I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for 20 years, so perhaps I’m not the person your poll targets.

yes, no, yes.

Same person for 4 years…birth control pills are a wonderful thing.


Yes…I am quite active in the kip. Hyper-active you might say. My bum is just a blur in fact. It looks like a rabbit is having sex with a spring.
No…I don’t have multiple partners, unless you count the other people I’m having sex with.
Yes…I do enjoy sex with horses.

Actually, I’ve used maybe 3-4 condoms in my entire life. They repulse me. However, they are fun to swing around and scare the kids.

“Hey kids…Daddy’s got a condom full of sperm!!!” Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa(deep breath)Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1. Yes

  2. Multiple partners…
    a. seeing different people at any given point in time?
    In the past, yes, but not now.
    b. in one session?
    Several times. Women only, if you must know.
    (yes, he is a lucky wolf)

  3. Yes, but I’ve never had a one night stand either. If I did (and I won’t), you’re damn right I’m wrapping that rascal up good and tight.

No, No (unless you count serial monogamous patterns observed over a long period of time), Yes