Sex Question....Quickly!

I am sitting in a class on sexuality, and we are all going to have to submit an anonymous sex related question in about 45 minutes (about 1:45 EST). What should I ask?


Since “Who wants to give me some?” would probably be innapropriate, how about:

How does the vaginal orgasm differ from the clitoral orgasm?

How do the does the female orgasm compare to that of the male?

Is vaginal penetration absolutley nessacary(sp) to any intimate encounter to be considered satisfying?

Do men and women differ on their answers to the question above?

I’m not really sure whether you need an GQ type quiestion or a GD type question. Could you specify which you need?

Good Luck!

Why do women take longer to orgasm than men? Is there any evolutionary benefit to this difference?

Thanks 3BM, but we had to fill out a survey too, and all those were questions on there…i already turned in another question I thought up…


Why aren’t I getting any?

How can I achieve the highest ratio of views to replies in GQ?

Oh, I guess you’ve figured that one out.

Since the deadline has come and gone and this thread really belonged in another forum anyway, I’m going to close it.