sex question -- TMI, even for me

I was having sex with my girlfriend and I put my hand inside of her, up to the thumb. About five inches in (she’s five foot six) I felt something really hard, but with a fleshy coating. It was round, I have no idea the size. Probably smaller than a golf ball, but bigger than a marble. It was on the roof (front, if she’s standing) of her vaginal wall.

I’ve never put my hand inside of anyone before. Is this a typical aspect of genitalia, or should we boot it to the doctor’s office?

Maybe six inches in.

Sounds like the cervix to me–the placement is right.

Sounds very much like the cervix; maybe if you put your head in there, you could take a look and confirm it.

Sounds like the cervix.

Dude, you’re supposed to aim for that.

But not with your fingers.

That’s a cervix.

Kudos for your concern, btw.

What does a cervix sound like, anyway?

Anal Scurvy!??!?!?!?!?!?

Apropos of nothing, my father once tried to tell me that the foam collar one wears around one’s neck after suffering whiplash or similar injury is called a clavical collar, because the cervix is located elsewhere and men don’t have them.

Rather a disturbing experience, I thought, to have to explain to my know-it-all father what a cervix really is, and that men have one while women have two.

Sorry, Cervaise. Both men and women have 7 cervical vertebrae. Women have one uterine cervix. Men also have a cervix glandis. Both sexes have cervici axonii. There are other bits which in latin use the term “cervix”.

Cervix just means “neck”

Actually, I’m going to dissent from the cervical consensus and suggest that you’ve found the elusive “g-spot” Have fun with it.

the “g” in G-spot stands for golf ball?

I can’t tell shapes with my penis, I can just hammer them into new shapes. I’ve never had my fingers around this before, my first thought was a tumour of some sort.

Really, would the cervix feel like a ball to a layman? Any gynos here?

Jaysus, your hand? Your whole hand?

Okay, so I’m wrong, but my father was wronger. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go ahead and cast my vote for the cervix. Why not just have her check for herself?

You could take her into the cervix station.

As the owner of a cervix I don’t condsider myself a layman but it feels sort of like a dome. You can put your fingers past it a bit too and so that makes it feel kind of like a ball. It’s hard and smoother than everything else. I wouldn’t go poking it, I don’t think it’s her G spot. From what I’ve heard (I don’t think I have one of those) a G spot is supposed to feel hard but spongy and is more towards the front but not so far up.

It’s not a tumour. At all! Next time you need something to read in the bathroom take a look at the Tampax instructions. They explain everything.

Pokey, you are the owner of a cervix, that’s the neck between the vagina and the uterus, right?

I don’t have a cervix, or do I? I am a guy.

This is a rather prurient topic; but since you are the owner of a cervix and you do know from your own anatomy about these parts, I might as well ask you some questions from the cover of my internet identity here in these board – it not being a polite topic, but we can just be ‘clinical’.

From the top down, here are the parts of the female genitals, clitoris, urethra, vagina, and beyond that the anus.

Now, there is some kind of prepuce in the clitoris and even with some smegma. The corresponding glans penis looks like a very diminutive glans penis without the hole of course, but with the pattern of the corresponding glans of the male.

Below that is the urethra and the vagina following, then of course the anus.

Where am I getting to?

O.K., since you are the owner of all such paraphernalia, are you more conmfortable than us guys who have to sport all the genitals outside the body and suffer all kinds of inconvenience and hazards thereby.

Congratulations to you women.

Now, something more delicate. I read that girls can have a good time riding a bike. Is that true? I guess it should be, since they can rub a lot of sensitive surface on the bike saddle. And also horse riding…

One last question, bear with my prurient but ‘clinical’ interest: do girls do some or can do some self-rubbing sitting on the sofa with one foot folded back under her bottom? I seem to suspect this.

One final question: I notice that women seem to want to lift up their elbows and expose their armpits on occasions even in front of guys. Do you feel that move, and why do they do it?

Susma Rio Sep

“I think I would have been uncomfortable about it if you would’ve fingered my cervix.”

Quoting my girlfriend. I don’t really want to think I pleasured her tumour, though, so I’m going to call it settled. Thanks muchly.