sex question -- TMI, even for me

Yes? It’s convenient. I can’t think of any hazards.

I think you can but you have to lean forward and everyone can tell that’s what you’re doing.

Yes, but again, most people will know what you’re doing and suspect. But you can.

Sorry, that’s a secret.

Dear Pokey, good teacher:

Am I ever going to my grave without the answer to that last question?

Anyway, thanks for your enlightening reponses, and honest also.

Susma Rio Sep

P.S. But women do that, lifting up their arms and exposing their armpits even in front of guys? That’s my observation, slyly. And also with embarrassment for noticing it, feigning not to.

O.K., I won’t bother you any further.

NO! I’ve expercienced the same thing and could never figure out what this meant. On 2 separate occassions a girl(different each time) was talking to me and then she raises her armpit as she talks to me. I kept thinking there was something to this action. They happened over a year ago and they still bug me.

Come-on someone tell me and Susma Rio Sep.

Ludicrous, let’s continue being ‘clinical’.

Have you experienced when talking with women or girls even, sometimes there is a scent emitting from them, not necessarily offensive but peculiar.

Is this some kind of pleronome stuff? I read that this pleronome or pleromome stuff is not really a sex scent from the female of a specie. Even the word now I can’t be certain, can’t recall its exact spelling or sound.

No, it’s not a fart. I guess it’s something from the recesses of the female genital tract.

Susma Rio Sep

P.S. I got the word now, it’s ‘pheromone’.

There’s a difference between ‘fingering’ one’s cervix and feeling it. The cervix has a hole in it, natch, to let a baby out. That hole is normally closed and it would be very uncomfortable to stick a finger in there. Feeling around it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

Go do a search on Google for ‘cervix picture’ and the fifth link down has a few good (and graphic) pictures through the entice menstrual cycle.

Two nuns are riding bicycles through the old streets of an Italian town.

One nun says to the other: “Have you come this way before?”

The second nun says: “Nope…must be the cobblestones.”

Talk about an errant golf shot. Jeez, I hope you were using your putter.

This has been a public cervix announcement.

/stolen from Annie Sprinkle (link NSFW)

Hey, you got a Titlist in my vagina butter.

Well, the G-spot is right “under” the clitoris. If it was on the front of the vagina wall, in that area, that could be it. Did it make her scream and see stars when you touched it?

If it felt a little like the tip of your nose when you push straight on it with your finger, it’s the cervix.

And if while you’re looking around you happen to find my car keys, hell, then we can both drive outta here!

Sure why not.

If women do have pheromones, they are probably released through their sweat glands when they’re aroused. Women, unlike animals, do not have a specific gland for relasing pheromones. I was just conversating with the girls and not overtly flirting with them and if there were any smells, it only affected me subconsciously.

I think the whole armpit raising can be written off as bizarre human behavior. I just don’t know why a woman would want to focus a man’s gaze to her armpit. Though one of the girls was a free spirit and had hairy pits and it did resemble a vagina from a distance. Was she coming on to me??

It’s embarrassing when you try to tell your kid something, and it’s wrong.

It’s called a cervical collar, not a clavical collar.

Is that what’s passing for sex nowadays? Sounds more like Gynecology 101. Either way, I can’t imagine either one of you deriving any pleasure from it. A question which I’m sure is on most readers’ minds, were you able to finish your “sex” act after the discovery or were you too amazed by the discovery to continue?

What you can do is put your other hand on the outside of the skin and see if you can feel it from the other side. With 2 hands you’ll be able to get a much better “feel” for it.

Can’t think of any bony thing there, could it be the pubis symphysis?

It’s also called BO.

Women lift their arms and show their armpits because they think it’s sexy. You see women lifting their arms in pictures in every kind of magazine. I wonder how they do it in Europe though. I still remember a woman with hairy armpits when I was in elementary school. She wore sleeveless dresses in the Summer and it always looked like she was walking with two kids’ heads tucked under her armpits.

Oh geez, I haven’t laughed so hard in a while, some comments are just hilarious!

Yeah, it’s the cervix and I might add, no pleasure in there!

go on…

I’m sorry ladies, but I simply can’t let these poor deluded guys go on wondering. I’ve got to give them a hint, as to why we lift our arms (which they interpret as showing them our armpits :wink: ). Gentlemen, pay close attention. It’s not our armpits that we’re trying to draw your attention to. It has nothing to do with BO or pheromones. Let’s use a visual. You’re chatting casually with a cute girl. She’s sitting across from you on the couch, she’s comfy, and enjoying your company. She stretches her back, lifts her arms above her head to lift her spine (feels good). You think: ‘she’s showing me her armpits, is that some sort of signal?’ She’s thinking: ‘hmm, stretch feels good. I’m comfortable enough in front of him to relax and show him I’m relaxed. And in the process I get to show off my…t*ts.’ If you don’t get it now, you’ll never get it. :smiley:


I mean, I like a potato snack as much as anyone, but :confused:

Tats, you doof. The lady has tatoos in her armpits, and that’s how she shows them off.

[sub]Funniest GQ ever.[/sub]