sex question

This was once a popular debate in detention while in high school…is it possible to fit more than one :eek: in one mouth?

I’m being serious here. :o

I couldn’t tell ya - I haven’t tried. Besides, I have a really small mouth.

Depends what a :eek: is, I guess:

Twiglet = Yes
T-Bone Steak = No way, Jose

From what I’ve heard, the challenge is not fitting them both in one’s mouth, but getting “them” next to each other. (I read it in a biography of Marilyn Manson a friend of mine said I just had to read…some bandmates tried to find out the answer to your exact question…but couldn’t set up the lab equipment well enough to prove things one way or the other).

OTOH, assuming two guys could fanangle themselves into a satisfactory possition, I’m thinking it could be done. I have another friend who could stick both halves of a canned peach in her mouth and not leave teethmarks. If the guys could, she could.

Needless to say (and again, ruling out penis-placement as an issue), it would depend on the penises, and on the mouth. shrugs

I think the owners of the :eek:s would have to be REAL friendly before attempting this.

Seriously, I’m sure it would be physically possible to fit two into one mouth (at least a little way), but I really can’t see the point.

well, it depends on the mouth. i doubt you could fit one into a gerbil’s mouth, but you could fit an army of them into a hippo’s mouth. but then, i doubt there are many people willing to stick their things into a gerbil or hippo’s mouth. anyway, about a HUMAN mouth, if they were skinny enough, maybe. but that would be really tough on the lips and could result in choking. yech.

A clever Google search will provide you with photographic evidence that it is indeed possible. No, I’m not gonna provide a link.


haj :frowning:

…so what did you type in the search?

Yes, if you chop them off first.

Now that is cause for a " :eek: "

Come on guys, let’s have some research here.

Err, that’s not quite what I meant.

A tape measure, a guy, a few bananas and a girl should settle if the mouths big enough. I’m thinking positioning would be a major problem - does one guy aim in through the other’s legs? How much of an angle can there be between them?

I think if you found two men with sufficient, yet mirrored curvatures, then yes, it would be possible. Kinda like the human golden arches, I suppose.

Yes, it’s possible.
No, there will NOT be links to pictures.
Yes, I’m locking the off because the question was(rather quickly, thank ghod!) answered.