Sexual endurance......

i gave up…“pleasuring myself” for lent. but of coarse that means my girlfriend doesnt help me out…if you know what im sayin. well my problem is, i have no more “endurance” i mean we dont have intercoarse. but oral sex…and i cant last more than 5 minutes without…you know :eek: so is this just becaus im not…doing it on my own anymore?

Happy Easter!

Omigod, Oz, only 5 minutes? That’s awful!
I can go at least an hour or so before I …you know. And I’m 55.
I reccommend you cease all sexual activity for at least a year or so, and see if that helps.
Good luck, man.

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I have an idea. Are they any farm animals nearby?

HAH! Now that’s funny!

You’re cool, bille. You’s funny and stuff.

:::giggle giggle giggle:::

Teaching: The ultimate birth control method.

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Can I post a funny story here?
My sister and I went gambling last year, and while she was playing BlackJack I said “Wow, today is Good Friday. It’s probobly a sin to be here gambling today”. I continued by asking “What would Jesus do?” (our neice’s newest phrase) and she answered, without missing a beat “I think Jesus would double down!”

I’m giggling just remembering it.

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Ruffian wrote

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I was impressed that on your web site, SD made your top ten links, not just once, but twice. And that’s not to mention it took slots #1 and #2.

Is oral sex like when you call someone on the phone & talk dirty?

My suggestion is to wait until you are, ahh, ready for action, then wrap a wire coat hanger securely around your member. No need to remove it; just leave it on for the next time. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the results.

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Come on guys! This is a valid and important question that needs answering. Ladies and life partners around the world require it.

Here’s a little trick I learned some time ago that seems to help for me. You know “the reflex?” Not the Duran Duran song, but the contraction that Johnny Law makes when you’re squeezing out that last drop of… urine. Try doing that about ten times in a row about every five minutes or so, all day long (unless you’re sporting wood in a public place). Try to hold it in the contracted position for as long as you can. Eventually, you can hold it in the “aim” position for minutes at a time, which can come in quite handy in preventing a misfire.

As an added result, the ah, “release” itself seems to gain a certain amount of force, making for some spectacular pornographic scenes for you and your partner to both enjoy and clean up after.

I read this somewhere, just before you are about to come, bear down.

Hey Oz, im curious, why would a woman want to have oral sex on a guy for more than 5 minutes? I think most of them just want to get it over with, right?

If you’re not having intercourse, you are reciprocating her oral favors, aren’t you?

Handy: I’m thinking HE wants it to last more than 5 minutes.


That advice from Sofa is pretty good. Try that.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Do you mean in the same session, or in general? I’ve never been one to ascribe to the “if I do it to you, then you’d better turn around and do it to me” philosophy. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Regardless, we both always thoroughly enjoy ourselves. I don’t mind him not reciprocating every time–usually, we’re too hot and heavy to want to bother repositioning–we just want SEX!

So there.

Oh and bille, c’mon, at least mention #1 is the SDMB and #2 is the Teeming Millions! :slight_smile:

Off for my afternoon jog now…

Teaching: The ultimate birth control method.

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yes i do return the favor…and the thing is that before i stopped pleasing myself (the beggining of lent) i would last forever…but now i cant is the reason i cant last anymore because i stopped doing it to myself…thats all i wanted to know :slight_smile:

Most likely, yes. Daily activity supplies a certain amount of desensitization. If you remove the daily aspect, you are more sensitive and your trigger threshold is lowered. (This is not true for every male, but it is a normal condition for a significant number of men.)

I have seen the exercise that Sofa King described mentioned once or twice in the last few years. You could probably give it a try, as well.


thanx bro thats all i wanted to hear :slight_smile:

Reminds mef a joke:

Q. Why does a bride smile on her wedding day?
A. Because she knows that she’s given her last blow job.

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