Male endurance tricks-What's yours?

Kate’s thread in GQ got me to thinking about this.
I know men who use the ‘think about baseball’ trick to last longer during sex.I also dated one fella who thought about 30 gallon trashcans by the side of the road painted hunter’s orange.
I was wondering:
1.Do all men use this trick?(though I’m sure some wont admit it :wink: )
2.What do you think about?
Thanks for any input you give on this.
And slythe, if I’m in the wrong forum, just toss this puppy where it belongs.
This should be interesting…

There are only certain times I have to think about other things. Usually im just into what im doing with my girl that that alone is enough. but there are those times…
I just think or sing(in my head) along with the song thats playing or I think of a new guitar riff.

Hmmm…I don’t think about anything but the woman I’m with. That’s almost always enough to let me keep going even if I orgasm well before she does. I may not have much going for me, but I do have persistence. :wink:

Fantasizing about 30 gallon trashcans by the side of the road painted hunter’s orange? And people don’t think you should think of other people during sex.

Was the US premature in getting into World War 2?


Actually, I used to have a problem with this. It is easily overcome (no pun intended) by enjoying and getting to know the person you’re with. You develop an internal timing that has nothing to do with outside forces, and you eventually “just know” how to do the thing religion says you should do. Is it any wonder that the religious codes were written by men who had had wives for many years?

BTW, I’m not religious in any way, shape, or form. Although Satanists kind of bug me.

I really don’t have to think about anything, it’s quite automatic. I can go as long as I like. Or as long as it takes until the lady is satisfied (which usually isn’t that long ;)). It’s just mind over matter.

I think about Margaret Thatcher. It works, but not without certain side effects.

Thirty gallon Trash Cans Painted Hunter’s Orange?!Thirty gallon Trash Cans Painted Hunter’s Orange?!Thirty gallon Trash Cans Painted Hunter’s Orange?!

I do not understand. I don’t have any tricks. Don’t need 'em.

But now I won’t be able to get that image of orange trash cans out of my head next time. Thanks a lot.

Actually, I don’t think about “getting off” when I’m with my partner. I have a great time trying to please her/him as many times as possible in as many ways as possible and, if need be, I can always finish up later by myself.

All my “tricks” are used to make HER feel good. Don’t need any more than that. Another ten years and I’m probably off to the Dr for viagra, tho, but hell, it’ll be worth it. :smiley:

Wow, I am very impressed Slythe! :wink:

I don’t use that trick. But a friend of mine does. And he makes a point of it to always come up with the most grewsome mental images. Ya know, a dead cat by the side of the road that’s been there for 3 weeks. In July. A container of aborted babies. A dog eating its own vomit. That sort of thing :wink:

His wife is pregnant with twins, so he’s doing something right.

I take it the side effects are losing any form of erection within in a sec . :::gag:::

Sometimes I think about 30 gallon trash cans painted day-glo orange…mmmmmm…that gets me hot.

Vomit eating dogs…yummy…I’m gonna pop.

I eluded to what I do in a previous post in another thread long ago in a galaxy far, far away.
Clench you PC muscle, before you get to the point of no return. You have to exercise it though. Apparently,if you get real good at it, you can achieve orgasm without ejaculating or losing wood. I haven’t been able to do this yet but I can prolong the act for considerable amounts of time.

Sometimes containers of aborted babies…ugh…grunt…pop

I just get good and drunk before sex. This also helps with my choice of women.

Wait a second…

You guys actually TRY to prolong it? What the hell is wrong with you!

I’m shooting for the cookie as fast as I can get the sucker. Two pumps, a tickle and a squirt, that’s me.

Of course, I really enjoy foreplay so it hardly matters. :smiley:

The clench method is called Kegeling, Graeme. It works quite well if you practice it regularly.

As said many times before, I just like making the person I am with to feel special and last as long as he likes it on either end.


Two tricks:

  1. Buddy Hackett nude playing baseball. All my college buddies used this one. When a female friend did something erotic, etc., you would hear a chorus of “buuuudddy hackett, buddy hackett, hackett, hackett.”
  2. My ex-fiance, although this one is often too powerful, kinda like Margaret Thatcher. (me, bitter? Never!)


Kegeling works on men?

I’ve kicked my exercise up to combat readiness level, which includes Kegels, because Mr Kiffa is arriving a week from this next Monday [it’s been three months…sigh]. I’ve been thinking about Sting and eight hour long sessions as I Kegel thru the grocery store, gas station, school to pickup my summer campers, driving down the highway. Maybe I should suggest to Mr Kiffa in the next email that he take up Kegeling instantly…

Does any man out there have the opposite problem? I mean it takes me awhile to finish. I don’t think i’ve ever had a 2 minute marathon, much closer to 45 minutes usually. I’ve tried to speed things up, but can’t do a “quicky” if if I want to.