Men, do you have specific thoughts you use to induce detumescence when needed quickly?

Not that men’s thoughts aren’t much much more often concerned with the opposite goal, but haven’t most of you been in a situation of uh-oh, the boring meeting is going to break up in a moment, and my thoughts have … strayed. ? Do you have a mental picture you use in such situations?

Mine involves my being mildly acrophobic. I imagine standing on the viewing platform of a TV tower, only someone has taken away the railing and shut the door to the tower, there is a high wind and the floor is slippery with ice.

Barbara Bush.

No…I blank my mind…

Last time I tried the ‘think of something unsexy’ I ended up figuring out I DID think that it was sexy…:o

I am not a man…but I have used such things against my husband when I am busy with something else. :wink: For him the phrase that seems to work is, “Michelle in a bikini” (Michelle being a woman he knows who he would not want to see in a bikini.)

I tried that too but it doesn’t work for me. Try not to think of an elephant…

Sexy elephants…

A friend in high school hairless and bathing in pink goo in a fetal position. That usually does the trick.

VW engines. No kidding, it’s worked for years. I think of the engine in a [del]rear mounted[/del] in the back of an old Beetle. See? It’s got to be an old Beetle engine though, the new ones are too sexy.

It’s not working. :frowning:

Old fat nuns.


I teach math to my invisible, stupid friend. He never gets it.

When I was a teenager, I thought of razor blades slicing my dingus all to shreds. That worked. Now? Hell, I just let 'em happen.

You see, this is why I wear boxer briefs. It holds things in a less obvious position. The most you need to do is readjust the direction before standing and you are fine.

Oh I’m pretty sure he’s figured out how to multiply.

Or also.

Dead Kittens, dead kittens! Old nuns! Really old nuns! Renee Zellweger!

Decubitus ulcers


(not safe for tumescence, other appetites, & lots of other things)

Visualize your grandparents having wild, hard, crazy, sex.

If that don’t do it…you must have hot grandparents…

Man, at that point in time, I could imagine badger’s having sex, mushroom mushroom, and it would just serve as a turn-on. Anything involving sex is a no go IMO.

When I was in high school I had this boring-ass Bio class that seemed to go on forever. I’d usually end up in a…uh…particular condition simply from sitting so long. Of course, when class was over I’d have to get up and go to my next classroom. What to do, eh?

My solution was to stick my hand into the pocket closest to the engorged organ, grab it through the cloth, and then go about my way. That way, if people saw any bulges they’d just think it was my hand. After a few seconds of this and walking around it usually went away.

Mental images never worked for me, I needed something more hands on (pun intended).