Sexual question - for the ladies (X-rated)

I’ll try not to be too smutty/graphic about this, but here it goes - and please understand that this is being asked in all seriousness…

Ladies, directly after (or during) an orgasm (via oral sex), what do you like your partner to do? Is there something he/she does that enhances it? Do you like the contact/touching/licking to simply continue or do you like the contact to increase? Decrease? Stop all together???

Is there anything your partner does that annoys you or takes away from “the sensation?”

Is there anything you would want your partner to do?

I know the best policy is to ask your partner what they like, but it also can ruin the spontaneity sometimes - hence the reason I am asking. I’d like to pull some new techniques out on the fly instead of stopping down and having a full-on discussion, ya know what I mean??

Could this be a new comedy team (Martin & Lewis, Abbot & Costello) looking for material? Why is it “I” when it should be “we”? :confused:

*Could this be a new comedy team (Martin & Lewis, Abbot & Costello) looking for material? Why is it “I” when it should be “we”? *

That SOOOOO doesn’t answer my question. Why bother posting???

Perhaps Carl and Lenny are from “The Simpsons”.

Although I can’t answer, not being a lady, I can say with some certainty that this query has no one true answer and has a lovely polling component to it.

To IMHO, or not to IMHO, that is the question/
whether 't better in the General Questions to suffer/
the zings and barrels of nickname mocking/
or take offense at stupid replies/
just like this one?

My quess would be for a chuckle. You know, sometimes I wonder why we bother having forum descriptions. They don’t even get a laugh.

Off to IMHO.

DrMatrix - General Questions Moderator

I like my partner to flap her arms and cluck like a chicken, then pretend to lay an egg. Of course, I’m no lady.

I think this is a perfectly legitimate General Question:

My partner prefers a brief pause (30 seconds?) in the manipulation, but with some continued light-to-firm pressure on the fun parts. (So it’s not a screeching halt.)

This is followed by a gentle resumption of manipulation. Much less tongue and more lip. Tapering off to smooching and cuddling …

[sub]excuse me. gotta go. something just came up…[/sub]

Yes, of course, it is from “The Simpsons.” I figured most people (if not everyone) knew this. Lenny & Carl are but two people, where as I am just one man, humbly seeking a source to quench my thirst for knowledge - and find an answer to my sex question. I’m hardly offended by *kniz’s post, but I would have rather had an actual answer to my original question along with his/her cleaver little stab at the mocking of my nickname… a question, by the way, that wasn’t a very easy thing to ask in the first place.

On a side note, I am a fairly new member to the SDMB and figured my question was a “general” question. My apologies to the moderator who had to move this thread as well as to anyone reading this; anyone who once read this and has subsequently moved on never to return; and to those who may read this in the future…
By the way, how completely far off topic have we/I gotten?!

Is it possible to hijack ones own post???
I wonder if anyone will answer my question now.

At what point do you think I’ll stop typing and just let this thing die a dignified death???

I actually push my partner away forcibly…as I get hyper sensitive and his touch makes me insane with overstimulation.

I guess every woman is different.


I with jarbabyj… hypersensitive. No touch unless you want a kick in the head.

Yes, been there.

And I think Lenny & Carl is/are having a identity crisis, possibly one in which he/they is/are attempting to find one’s sexuality or dominant ego. But that’s only our opinion. :smiley:

I usually kiss the inside of her thigh a few times, then move back up tot he top, lay down, and let her cuddle in my arms to regroup for round 2.
I’ve asked her what she’d like me to do and she says nothing.

yep, hypersensitive here too (not always, but most of the time)

I hate to say this, but it’s been such a long time since I’ve had any I don’t remember. I’m thinking several months for sex alone and probably at least a year or more for getting any oral. ::sigh::

Another vote for the extremely hypersensitive, but some cuddling of other parts is rarely a bad idea…

Lenny & Carl (both of him) seems a little desperate for an answer, please don’t waste his time with hijacks. (I just wonder if he’s in the middle of “something” and needs an answer “NOW!”

(For the record, Mrs. Scribe prefers light, direct pressure on the um, nubbin, but no movement afterward.)

Hypersensitive here, too. One thing that works with manual stimulation is if my partner pushes down, with his whole palm on the area. I don’t know why, it makes it last longer or something.
But again, direct stimulation is grounds for a shove.

You may want to try more conventional stuff with your tongue at first before trying this:

Place your mouth on her private area and make fart sounds with your lips.

It created great pleasure for my partner, but (once again) every woman is different.

Chiming in with the other ladies: hypersensitive. Also, it takes me a while to ‘come down’ from an orgasm and during that time I need my partner to back off a little.

Of course, I don’t think I’m typical, because I don’t really care to be on the receiving end of oral sex (although I enjoy giving it) and after the ‘main event’ I have a cigarette, pat my bf vaguely, and roll over and go to sleep. Must be my inner male. <g>

Another hypersensitive one here. I like my buns grabbed and held very tightly as my brain tries to crawl out of my head, my body sings and my genitals float on a soft and fluffy cloud. Stay away for a little while, otherwise you’ll just hurt me.

Get back to it and give me another one about 40-60 seconds after I come down from the last one. Spend that 40-60 seconds smiling about how talented you are and kissing my body in a direction moving back towards the good bits

Was that enough detail ? :smiley: