Share those thoughts that are stuck in your head here.

We all have thoughts that we don´t share with others, not necessarily because it´s embarassing, but because you figure no-one would really care. Maybe the thought in your head do not merit response, but you feel like saying it anyway.

Go on and share it here.

Of course, no need to be reminded that this is not a pitting thread. Insults that merit pitt-like status should go to the pit.

I would like to share: I think that anti-smoking campaings are really useless. Sure it´s manged to get some people off the smoking habit, but when is enough, enough? Warning labels on cigarettes stating how bad they are kinda gets the point across. Sure anti-smoking advocates may want somehting even more powerful, but let´s get real here. By now people know darn well that cigarettes are bad for you, just let people be.

Good, now that I got that off my back, I would like to ask you:

What thought do you have stuck in your head that you just want to get off chest?

What is the morality of keeping intelligent* animals as pets? We give them our love and longer, healthier lives, but is it morally right to take them from whence they come? The general rule is “if you have to think about it, you know it’s wrong.”

I am puzzling over it. I suppose that means I am looking for plausible excuse to keep such pets, even though it is morally wrong.

*Don’t even mention dogs, cats and fish here.

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We all have thoughts that we don´t share with others, not necessarily because it´s embarassing, but because you figure no-one would really care. Maybe the thought in your head do not merit response, but you feel like saying it anyway.

Go on and share it here.

Of course, no need to be reminded that this is not a pitting thread. Insults that merit pitt-like status should go to the pit.

A couple of thoughts. First, am I the only person who can’t wait until November 4th, when the smear ads are replaced by the the Christmas sale ads?

Second, I live in a township; our property is less than a block away from the city. This city was recently cited by a national magazine as one of the 10 worst cities in America re crime. How does the city mayor respond? He (1) closes half the city jail and (2) lays off 30% or so of the city police “for budget reasons.” Huh? Also, this same mayor recently announced his candidancy for governor in an upcoming election. Can anyone say, “Hubris”? I thought you could.

One last question. Sarah Palin has hunted moose. What did she do with the meat (assuming she bagged one)? Did she have it butchered & frozen? Salt most of it? Donate the meat to charity? Hmm…

Love, Phil

With all due respect, I’ve got one other question. When my daughter & family moved back in with us, my SIL’s lizard “Rex” (full grown, about 12-14 in. long) came along. I don’t know what kind of lizard Rex is; I do know Rex isn’t an iguana; I suspect Rex is a Chinese something-or-other. The reason I use Rex’s name instead of a pronoun is this: my SIL acquired Rex at the age of about six months about two years ago. During those two years, Rex spent his/her life in a series of coolish-to-coldish basements. Rex lived a solitary life; there were no other lizards in the house. Rex moved to our dining room about two weeks ago. In those two weeks, Rex has apparantly laid three eggs. Two appeared a few days after Rex moved in, and one showed up yesterday. So Rex is a “she.” Can a lizard lay two eggs the same day/night? How often do they lay eggs? What do we do with the eggs (no omelet jokes, please)? Rex seems to be happy in her new digs, btw. Thanks, lizard experts, for a reply.

Love, Phil

Sounds like parthenogenesis. Aka “virgin births”. I guess it’d depend on whether the eggs are fertile or not and whether you want to have baby lizards. It’s been known to happen in several species of reptiles from geckos up to Komodo dragons.

I’m not a herpetologist so I can’t help further, but ISTR you’re not supposed to move reptile eggs if you want the contents to hatch.

What kind of name is “Gilligan”, anyway?

And why does his face come to mind when I’m bumpin’ uglies with the missus?

What’s the point in overtaking me in such a dangerous manner, if you’re only going to park in the next block anyway? What will you do with that extra .2 of a second?

I dunno. Gloat? Flip you the bird?

Or may get about 1/900th of the way through boiling an egg.

Love is overrated. I admit, some of the best feelings I have ever experienced have been love in some form. But so have some of the worst. Unrequited love, in paticular, has duel influences on me. There are few stronger motivators than this, yet it grates on my psyche so badly sometimes I want to vomit. What can I say, I’m a romantic :wink:

Far better than love is inspiration. Inspiration is just as powerful, if not moreso, yet without the dependence on other people. As such, “unrequited inspiration” doesn’t really exist - at worst, feeling uninspired just leaves me feeling flat.
Thanks for letting me get that of my chest. I feel a little better now, though little flakes of psyche have settled on my desk. :slight_smile:

I hate that damn war on drugs.

It´s so pointless, and such a waste of money and resources.

What is needed is a new way of approaching the issue, based on substance to substance aproach on each substance, and try to find a legit use for each drug in order to enhance its “safety”.

Example, marijuana: make it legal, apply laws that are simialar to alcohol.

LSD: Make it legal, but only under professional supevision. If bad trip or anxiety follows a dose, have some sleeping pills ready to help “client” out. Of course, one must pay for the dose and for the profesional, etc.

Heroin: Use it for medicinal purposes, like Morphine. It is already done in England, called bio-morphine. Make people think of Heroin as an emergency medicine, not a street drug that cuases intense pleasure followed by a huge crash.

And so on with each substance.

Ahhh, I feel much better now. :slight_smile:

Is there really a great deal of difference between Velveeta and Kraft brand pudding cups? Does that mean that Velveeta is really just thick, cheese flavored pudding?

If I’m at a party and drink a bunch of Miller High Life and Miller High Life contains anti-foaming agents, why does my pee still make bubbles? Am I full of anti-foaming agents?

I suppose you mean the ones other than


I’m drawing a blank here, to tell you the truth.

What will happen if I don’t get into the college I want? Then I won’t be able to get a job as a pharmacist. The three years of pre-graduate classes I took will be wasted. Why didn’t I get better grades? Why didn’t I suck up to more teachers so I could get recommendation letters? What if I do badly on the PCAT*? What am I going to do? I can’t move out of state, I don’t even have a car. I don’t have any skills. I’m going to have to work at Petsmart or Costco for the rest of my life. What if I end up with nowhere to go? What am I going to dooooooooo?

These kinds of thoughts have been going through my head for the last two years. Next fall seriously can’t come soon enough.

*Standardized test for students entering into some pharmacy schools.

I’m sick and tired of people who don’t know how to deal with finding out that they are wrong about something (opinion, belief, etc.). Denial isn’t the answer!

Nobody likes finding out that they have been wrong, but refusing to admit it (even to yourself) does not make you right–it insures that you remain wrong. What is so hard about saying, “You learn something new every day”?

Related to this is people saying, “You always think you’re right!”, as if this is a valid complaint.* Of course I think I’m right! That is just another way of saying that I think what I think. A = A.

On those occasions that I find out that I have been wrong about something that I thought was right, I change my mind about it and then believe that the new way of thinking is right. I go from thinking I am right to realizing that I was wrong, but I’m right now (now that I’ve changed my mind, that is). So, yes, I always think I’m right.

*I suspect that they may be trying to say, “You think you’re always right”, which can sometimes be true of some people, but is not the same thing at all.

I don’t know why you didn’t talk to someone about this because this is SO true.

To be honest, I don’t find it that hard to admit when I’m wrong myself. But, everyone is different, as we well know…

Now I’m thinking about when I rotated in an urban emergency dept. Rarely did a shift go by without a drug seeker wasting everyone’s time pretending to be in agony just to get some vicodin or percocet. If they found out the ER was giving out heroin it would get even worse. :rolleyes:

I see what you mean.

Still, I threw out an example of how to re-educate people on drugs.

I don’t think the war on drugs leads to anything but a loss of money and time.

I think the war on drugs ought to be re-examined and replanned.

Can everyone (that I’m addressing this to) chill out? You can be a little late to class. I was joking. Stop taking yourselves so seriously and just lighten up! Only good things will come of it, promise.

Why doesn’t “Steve” on the Miller commercial CLOSE THE FUCKING FRIDGE DOOR??!?! The commercial shows him take 2 bottles from the box, then he stands there in front of the fridge doing who knows what for 30 seconds, then finally goes to find a bottle opener (Miller isn’t a twist-top?) and the whole fucking time the fridge door is left WIDE OPEN! It drives me crazy!

Also: why does my cat prefer to be petted with my foot than with my hand?

I loved her more than anything in the world, and she knew that…

I treated her better than she’s ever been treated, I gave her everything, and she was everything to me…no one will make her happier than me, no one will love her more than me…

So why did she leave? After all those years together…why did she leave?