Shayna = Bitch

Jesus Christ can you get your fucking self righteous head out of your ass for a minute and lighten up?

Maybe I was wrong and maybe I wasn’t - we’ll never know without a time machine - but at least I wasn’t a ripe bloody fucking cunt about it. You had no reason to talk to me like that, especially not in that forum.

I’m tired of everyone prancing around here wearing their assholes on their sleeves. You’re right Shayna, this isn’t The Shoot Your Mouth Off With Nonsense Dope. It’s the Straight Dope, where we come to bask in the glow of Cecil’s knowledge and humor and try our best to spread a little bit of our own.

I’m tired of eveything being a fight around here.

I’m tired of people flaming people because they don’t like the flames with which that person flamed another person’s flame.

I’m tired of every pit thread being a GD with cusswords. There’s some really good material this forum that should be in Great Debates (like the CESM thread) but it has to go here because so many people are inevitably going to be assholes.

In the words of one of the greatest philosophers of our time, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Isn’t linking to that thread the equivilant of pitting yourself? Let’s face it, you were out of line from the get go.

She quotes the law, a law you apparently disagree with and you pit her over it?

Geez Louise…get over yourself.

Truer words were never spoken.

Please remember that your computer monitor, when turned off, doubles as a low-grade mirror.

Dude. Your assertion was wrong. Shayna refuted it. Suck it up.

Just read the thread, Cisco. You were an ass.


And you demonstrate this by calling someone who strongly but more-or-less politely disagreed with you a “cunt”? O irony, thy name is Cisco.


Here’s a hearty “FUCK YOU”! directed at the OP. Gee, I wonder what the proper term is for a Reverse Pile On?

I think if you’d have quit with the “51st State” joke everyone would have gotten it, and it might even have been funny.

Interestingly, I’ve never noticed this. Of course, I don’t post like an abrasive asshole, either. [sub]Much.[/sub]

Sorry bub, but the RPO [Reverse Pile On] continues here. . .

She got what she deserved. Shayna refuted you legitimately, with a slight sting at the second post.

You do realise what a “self-inflicted ambush” is, dontcha?

Sorry bub, you got lit up by automatic fire. . .

Don’tcha hate it when Pittings don’t go the way you planned?

Damn preview. . .

Courtney Love got what she deserved, that is. . .


Well, hey, Cisco, I’ll come out and thank you for starting this thread.

Until I read that link, I had no idea what an asshole you are. Now I do. Thanks!

Cisco, get lots of lube, buddy. Yer gonna need it.

I may have been wrong. I still haven’t seen a cite of verbal misconduct leading to an arrest - all the cites have been “air rage” cites - but I still may be wrong. I admit that.

I don’t, however, see how I acted like a jerk. IMHO Shayna did act like a jerk, unprovoked.

2 points in the FWIW category:

#1 - I don’t like Courtney Love, and I wouldn’t mind at all seeing her arrested if she broke the law on that flight. I wasn’t there and the articles are vague about what exactly she did so I don’t know if in fact she broke the law or not.

#2 - I did see the latent irony in this thread - and the bloody cunt line was most definitely part of it - I just decided to ignore it.

Ouch. That’s the quote of the year so far.

Ripe bloody fucking cunt? That makes my vagina hurt just thinking about it!

Oh trust me, I’ve been here long enough to have made a pretty good guess at how this was going to go.

You knew how this would go, so you started this thread… why?