She e-mailed me back

She was flattered, saw the other thread, so wasn’t surprised. Wants to know why I dig her.


Sorry! Read my “Confessed feelings for a fellow Doper” thread (retrospect-should be there)

So tell her.

Just a little bit of motherly sort of advise, and I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but you may want to consider that if she’s a fellow doper, she may not be comfortable with you giving a public account of all that’s going on. It might be a bit difficult for her to express herself if she feels that you’re going to turn around and report it on the boards. Maybe you should ask her about how she feels about it before you post too much of an update. Good luck, though.

You’re right Salem! sage advice. (note to self-read disclaimer at top of bb)

One thread on this topic is enough.