She really _______s my _________!

What’s your favorite way to say you really like someone, of the following form:

She really butters my biscuit!
He really bakes my potato!
She really Rogers my Hammerstein!

…now it’s your turn!

She really rakes my leaves

Hee velvetjones! :smiley:

He really churns my butter!
He really grinds my gears!

She really accepted my offer of $150

She really plucks my chicken

Turns my compass.

It’s people like her that really frost my doughnuts :slight_smile:

Oh, saying that you LIKE somebody. Never mind…

I’ve never heard an actual person make that sort of comment - just tv/movies, typically said by someone geeky or occasionally crude (Carla on Cheers once told Diane’s mother that Sam “steamed her silks”).

I don’t say those kinds of things but I remember ‘tickles my fancy’

Shivers me timbers.

She really rocks my socks.

She really floats my boat.

She inflates my universe.

(A 10[sup]78[/sup] expansion doesn’t really need the adverb or the exclamation mark.)

She really fellates my penis.

wets my whistle