Sheldon Cooper Q

Has it been established…overtly or at leased implied…that Sheldon is Autistic or has Aspergers?

For that matter, how about Leonard’s Mother…is she a Psychopath/Sociopath?

Jim Parsons is on record as saying he plays him as such. Chuck Lorre is on record as saying they’ll never give him an actual diagnosis, because that’d restrict what they could do with him.

His mom had him tested, you know.:wink:

Dunno about Sheldon, but I’m interested in hearing opinions about Leonard’s mom.

Leonard’s mum is an absolute horror.

Although she regrets not following up with that specialist in Houston.

I do like how Leonard’s mom makes Leonard’s relationship with Sheldon “make sense”. He likes, or at least can tolerate, living with Sheldon because he’s just like mom.

Leonard’s brother and sister seem to be well adjusted and successful, so I would consider Beverly an overly strict mother who didn’t show affection, and for whatever reason, it affected Leonard the most.

Leonard is also successful in his field, working with Stephen Hawking and such, but his mother doesn’t appear to consider him as successful as his brother and sister.

Cue Jane Kaczmarek!

I haven’t seen all of the episodes, but I assume she uses Leonard’s success when talking to his brother and sister.

Or perhaps Leonard’s profession, while impressive, isn’t lucrative?

I know I’ve read that one of the things that parents or therapists do with autistic or Asperger’s kids is to help them rehearse and practice social situations. I had been wanting to see someone in the show recognize Sheldon’s issues and start working with him in this way instead of just calling him a jerk. Lo and behold, in the last show, Amy is starting to do this!

All of the other regular characters know how to manipulate Sheldon just by telling him that “X is a non-optional social convention.” Or by giving him what to them would be a laborious task (like rearranging a closet) that appeals to his compulsive behavior. They’re actually quite skilled at it by now.

Have we ever seen his siblings? So no evidence they are well adjusted.

His sister is growing pancreases in adolescent gibbons and his brother (IIRC) is New Jersey’s youngest state Supreme Court judge and is engaged to an Olympic bronze medal winner.

Leonard, meanwhile, is merely duplicating the work of the Italians and not doing any original work.

Damn, I watch this show too much. :smiley:

We don’t know much about Leonard’s siblings other than their professional accomplishments. For all we know their psychological lives may be devastating.

Leonard’s mother’s books seems to focus on Leonard’s childhood development, to the exclusion of his siblings. But that may be solely from Leonard’s point of view.

I cannot say whether Leonard’s mother is a psycopath or a sociopath, but I would suggest that if Leonard had to leave an essay for Santa on Christmas Eve (instead of cookies and milk), and it was graded on Christmas morning, then there was something wrong with Leonard’s mother.

That being said, I do like Christine Baranski’s portrayal of Leonard’s mother. She is perfect in the role!

Psycho/Socios and Autistics lack empathy.

Sheldon, speaking with Leonard’s mom, noted that he was always uncomfortable with other people, but was very comfortable with her.

I’ve always taken that as meaning that Leonards’ Mom is on the spectrum as well.

I’m watching the Simpsons right now and Apu is apparently a Lotto scratch-off addict and he did a BBT scratcher and as he’s scratching he says “Sheldon!, Sheldon! ugh Wolowitz. :frowning: Always Wolowitz. :(”

I “Ha”'d so loud my cat woke up, jumped out of his cat tree, ran out of the living room and down the hall.

*Sheldon was worth “1 million” and Wolowitz has “No Value”.

Penny always explains to Sheldon that he needs to do something because of social norms.

Yeah, Sheldon has no trouble with the concept that he needs to follow social norms. He just has difficulty knowing what the norms are, and so he’s grateful when people tell him.

I can relate.