Shemar Moore is the worst host ever.

In a world of plastic smiles and fake attitude, Shemar Moore should be King. He is the fakest, least talented, most wanna-smak-him-across-the-mouth-smarmiest host I have ever seen.

Don Cornelius may be as old as Methuselah, but even his dusty remains would be better than this hack.

I didn’t even know he was the newest host. I thought he was just on the “Cargo Train” commercial and that’s it.

Speaking of which…I really like that commercial. It makes me dance.

I thought it was CHARMAN.
And why the hell is the beaver on that stupid beaver cleaver cargo commercial black? Wasn’t he white?

Is it to make it ethnic?

Anyways, that kid disturbs me with that stupid snicker and his rubber face.

Are you guys talking about Soul Train? Is that still on? Man , I loved to watch that show when I was a kid. Do they still advertise Afro Sheen and Ultra Sheen cosmetics?

I used to think he was cute. Then one day I realized he was almost exactly like a real-life (black) Ken doll. He just exudes that “I’m a cardboard cutout come to life” weirdness.

I always thought this was a joke. You know, like Joseph on King of the Hill. Both parents are white, but the kid is black. How did that ever happen?

I thought he was native american…

And I think The BEEVER’s sister looks oriental.

Or I’m stupid.

Did he even HAVE a sister?

Or is this an alternate Beaververse?

Joseph is Native American. (His dad is John Redcorn, d’uh).

I liked him when he was on Young and the Restless…

And here I thought his name was Jamal, with a funky pronunciation. Kinda like Sade.

Thank you, Biggirl, for putting the grinding of my teeth into actual words.

I haven’t understood a single word of this thread.

Me neither Smeghead, except for “Beaververse.” I think we all know what a “Beaververse” is.

It’s a black thing. You wouldn’t understand.

I had to go to to look up Shemar Moore and I’m still not clear who he is.

As we all know and your social security number proves, you are not black Juanita. That’s why you are still unclear on this.

Here he is. A pitiful exuse for a host.

Hey! [Oil Can Boyd]I AXED you a QUESTION![/Oil Can Boyd]

He’s yummy and he looks familiar but I’m not sure why.

…and leave my SSN out of this, dammit!

Yes. Yes, yes yes damnit! He is the host of Soul Train by all that is unholy and fake in the world of down-by-law. I have actually heard jive talk such as this leave his mouth:
“Yeah, cool cats-- here’s some grooves from none other than the mad cool Lil Romeo! Lay 'em down Romeo! Yeaaah!”
Eugene Levi is a cooler cat than Shemar could ever pretend to be.