Shiloh Pepin, the "Mermaid Girl" is dead

Shiloh Pepin has died. She did manage to live longer than her doctors imagined. She was only expected to live for a couple days and lasted 10 years. She seemed so happy and normal on the TV specials given her cirumstances. This is sad.

Aww, that’s too bad. She seemed like such a sweet kid.

Awwww, rest in peace, sweetie. :frowning:

Um why wouldn’t she be normal?
She had a physical difference, not nessarily a mental difference.
Kids with CP, facial dysmophism, all sorts of stuff can be “normal” (whatever normal really means)
Kids with physical differences/disabilites are first and formost kids.

She had a rare physical condition. That is pretty much the definition of not normal. Normally, folks aren’t born that way.

Awww, that’s really sad. I saw the episodes about her on TLC just last week and thought she was such a sweet & happy girl, she seemed much more adult than her 10 years.

I saw her on Oprah. She was so vibrant and alive and happy. What a shame.

Because it’s not normal to have her birth defect.

Look, it’s all very well to acknowledge that people who are physically different are still people, but it’s silly to pretend someone with her physical abnormalities is normal. She may have a well-adjusted personality, she might relate well to others, but her life was not normal in many details.

I’ve been married 20 years to someone who was born with a birth defect (although not the one Shiloh had) and while in many ways he’s a very ordinary guy I wouldn’t call him “normal” either. The world is built for people of a certain physical nature and if you don’t conform to that you’re going to have problems and obstacles the rest of us don’t. You can still have a wonderful, fulfilling, interesting life but you’ll have to deal with a few things the rest of the world doesn’t.

I feel bad about that. She was so vibrant & happy on her TLC special.

What really stuck with me about that TLC special was not Shiloh so much, but this teenage girl who had the same problem and they brought her in to counsel her. She (the teenager) had undergone some operation that separated her legs and made her more-or-less normal, though she still had to use a wheelchair.

This teenager was so listless and defeated, especially compared to Shiloh. Does anyone remember her name? I wonder how she’s doing.

So did anyone have her on the Death Pool? That’s 90 points. Off to check…


Almost certainly she is Tiffany Yorks, currently the longest lived person with sirenomelia who has had surgery to separate her legs but still uses a wheelchair at times. Apparently her leg bones are quite fragile and she’s had several fractures. A quick search of Google images would probably bring up her photo.

No, we don’t do people under 18 in the Death Pool.

Yup, that’s her.

This is a tragedy.

You think it’s a tragedy that we don’t do kids in the Dead Pool?

Let’s take the Dead Pool rules discussion over to the Dead Pool thread in the Game Room, okay?

A tragedy to be sure.

I thought the thread was going to be about this woman, who, AFAIK is still alive and swimming like a dolphin.

That’s so sad. I saw that TLC special on her everyone is talking about a few weeks back and she was such a sweet little kid. Rest peaceful, little mermaid.

Very true, but the way that alphaboi phrased it,

made it sound like people with birth defects can’t develop a “normal” persoanilty. Yes, their day to day life isn’t exactly “normal” It’s not “normal” to use a wheelchair or to use ostomy bags or whatever.
Then again it depends on your cultural " norms"
My girlfriend’s life wasn’t normal growing up (grew up on a farm and was unschooled) and she had NO issues with realizing she was gay. (as a matter of fact, a few years ago she had a REALLY hard time with coming to terms with the fact she’s bi)