Shit Happens

That was the hope of the neurologist based on the preliminary scans, but so far the news from the MRIs haven’t been good. It looks like there was major damage to both the white matter and the grey matter in the brain. Plus major organ damage. And in the “almost a week” since she was born (full term) she hasn’t yet been able to breathe or swallow on her own. I suppose there is hope, but it seems to get dimmer by the day.

And, Velma, probably yes, best to detox under medical care (learned that this winter) - but you have to agree to go into rehab. And until you say “oh God, I have got to get help” it doesn’t do you any good. So people who care sit around being able to do nothing except hope you catch the clue bus before you kill yourself (or someone else). One of my sister’s friends entered rehab shortly after my sister left, and didn’t last long enough to finish detoxing before she was back in the bar.

Yes, I think she should be in rehab. Unfortunately, she has to make that decision for herself. I saw her yesterday. She looked bright and cheery, she looked healthy and happy, and it scared the crap out of me.

She was just stopping in to pick up her latop so she could work from home, she said. I asked if she needed a ride home, she said she was taking a cab. I’m pretty sure that was a lie.

She said she has an MRI scheduled for today. I have no idea if that was a lie or not. A couple of other folks talked to her as well, and we compared notes. She told one of them that she has made the neurologist appointment, which is good if it’s true.

2005 was a year like that for my family. Illness, death, breakups (by email, 5 months prior to their wedding!) etc. Well, “school year 2005” actually - my mom’s a teacher,she identified the trend - and basically, from Sept 04 to Sept 05, things sucked.

Since then, it’s been a pretty good year, with pretty much everyone making huge steps forward to overcome or get beyond the crap of last year.

Things will get better, sooner or later.

I’m glad to hear that all these coworkers are so concerned and involved in the person’s health. I’ve witnessed a petit mal seizure, and its terrifying. Work with her, encourage her to get treatment, and hopefully, she’ll make the right choices for herself.

The baby…well, I don’t know what to say about that. Sometimes, some people’s lives are very short and very painful, but there is so much love around them. That’s gotta be encouraging a little bit, doesn’t it?

Everything else… it will get better.