Shiver Me Timbers! A Pirate MMP

Avast, ye mateys! That’s my sole contribution to Talk Like a Pirate Day, except to say IIRC, “avast” comes from the Italian “basta” (Stop! Enough!), so maybe I’ll talk like an Italian pirate. Today is cookie baking day so I can distribute them tomorrow. This makes me ridiculously happy. I love baking, and I love giving people happy surprises. But first I have to go get another epidural for the spinal arthritis.

FCM, you’re wise (as usual) to plan ahead. Is BIL on SSDI, or is this more of an unofficial disability? By the latter, I mean is he incapable of living independently, but there’s never been a medical diagnosis, and the family has always just helped him out? If that’s the case, I’d start working toward getting him diagnosed as disabled. Trying to get him help otherwise would be a lot trickier. I’m just going by the experience of a relative, so maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in.

FIL’s work is gorgeous. Wow, what amazing skill and care. It’s a terrible, terrible disease, one that’s even harder on loved ones than the patient. I’m so sorry.

Batboy, obviously it’s not a great fit, but please don’t bash yourself like that. I think your comment about having anxiety is maybe the crucial bit here. You must have competency to some extent or they wouldn’t have hired you. Anxiety can really mess with performance–ask anyone with test anxiety.

I love this.

Off to get ready for big jab.

He’s on regular SS since he’s turned 62, and (my opinion) the reason he can’t function on his own is because his mother (and to some extent father) never really let him, on the assumption that he couldn’t. He’s not stupid - his issues are more emotional/psychological than intellectual. But, for example, he didn’t learn to drive till he was in his 50s. He wasn’t responsible for his rent and other bills till around the same time. In recent years, MIL has worked with him to teach him how to manage his finances, etc. Had she done so decades ago, I think he’d have been fine - again, my totally unprofessional opinion about things that happened long before I met the family.

So he doesn’t need a baby sitter, but he needs someone he trusts who he can turn to, and who can keep an eye on the big picture so he doesn’t get into financial or other trouble. There have been a couple of incidents in the past where his generous nature led to him being taken advantage of, ultimately leading to bankruptcy. And he does occasionally ask for advice dealing with medical situations. So, I don’t know, a mentor? A trusted advisor?

Shopping has been completed (only 2 items today and I remembered by Publix cloth bag for once) and Sammich has been consumed. In around an hour I’ll head over to the fitness center for Moanday’s swimmin-n-sauna, followed by soccer practice this afternoon.

FCM, I’m in concurrence with nellie, if it’s not a ‘diagnosed’ condition then he’ll (BIL) will probably have to sign off on anything you want to do. Probably easier for you and FCD to just outlive him, harsh as that may sound.

batboy, don’t know what to say; just keep telling yourself to do your best and look for a job more fitting your style. Heck, out of college I was going to be a High School history teacher, 4 years of substituting and living at home later, I got a job with the US Government and then several years after starting I fell into the place that I stayed nearly 30 years at. Hope you catch the same luck.

OK, finish up my morning internettin’ and then put on the swim trunks.

I’ll be the one to say it. If FCD dies before you do, you are under no obligation, legally, ethically or morally, to take care of his brother. I would discuss with FCD setting up a trust with any money BIL may have. BIL can be named a ward of the state and receive Medicare and placement in a nursing home or whatever.

You (actually FCD) should call the county organization for their input. But don’t let anyone lay a guilt trip on you.

I absolutely won’t, and I fully intend to address this with FCD after things settle. He’s got enough to deal with at the moment. I just figured it would help if I could give him a starting point, because I’m nice, dammit. :wink:

Something broke on red belt(or the 300 sort guys were making live kitten sausage). I also had to deal with the 145lbs box of loose shoes from the local Imelda Marcos. At least nobody had fire a boradside of 18 pounders at me. Yet. ARRRR!

:cheese: :cheese: :cheese:

I watched the bit with the bagpipes. And just in case Liz turned out to be Patient Zero in the zombie apocalypse. :woman_zombie:

“I was run over by a pirate ship.”
“it’s a wonder you weren’t keeled.”

Hopefully thins get better for you,BatBoy.

FCM, I agree with others’ comments. Might be worth discreet calling around to learn what your local resources for BIL are and which can be set in place now.

AQI is again too bad for me to go out. This bites, arrr.

Another long-procrastinated item: figured out the treadmill (turned out it was nicely new-user friendly). Went in all ambitious about doing 30 minutes. Legs and lungs were all “hahahaNO”. Called it at 10 minutes of 2.5mph (I usually assume my normal walking speed is around 3mph), on the flat (didn’t feel ready for uphill climbing just yet).

Then went to the nearby taqueria and got carne asada fries. Kinda negates the burned calories, but oh well. Should still be seeing some muscle tone gain, and hopefully have some momentum now to keep doing this. Should probably take some precautionary Advil.

Got back to find the pets had apparently elected to behave themselves.

Still gotta get a bath after I eat, then deal with the chicken soup that’s holding on Keep Warm.

Far smarter to start slow and work up than injure yourself or be so sore it takes a week to even think about going back. Good on ya’ for doing the right thing even if your lungs had to get uppity to prove their point.

It’s like starting a campfire. Put match to itty bitty tinder at first to light the tiny kindling, then the twigs, then the skinny branches and eventually the real firewood. Anything more aggressive results in the fire going out before it’s self-sustaining.

It’s always good to “see” you! I’m sorry work sucks so massively. I don’t know enough to offer any advice, but you have my sympathy. :people_hugging:

:expressionless: :rofl:

One more day of bed rest and then I can start easing back into things. No exercise or BLT for 6 weeks.

It’s been raining! Sky. Water. I hope this bodes well for the rainy season. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Beamer is sick today, so we may have the second kid down with COVID already this school year. It’s infuriating that we (as a society) can’t do the bare minimum to protect children. I’ll stop with that, so I don’t start a full on rant.

I hope everyone is doing well. Take care mateys!

I have some Things I Gotta Do that I really donwanna. Gotta make one or two Adulting Phone Calls, and get stuff at the sto’ and it would be nice if I picked up more clutter. (I did make a dent in that last item, at least.)

It’s hot and bright outside, and man do I not want to schlep to/from Wal-Mart, let alone across their four corners to get everything I need/want.

Not to mention, my phone unlocked itself in my purse. Not only did I have about a dozen apps open - including Tinder, and there’s no telling who I swiped on or what that’s gonna do to my “people you might like!” settings - but it also opened the SDMB and completely borked up my settings. I don’t remember how I originally had it set, and I do. not. like. every attempt I’ve made to revert (what the HELL was my original skin?) so I may not wander around here so much. It’s now a royal PITA to read or respond.

Bah! Bah, I say, and bah! again.

shoe I use “Straight Dope Light”. It looks to me most like the pre-discourse days.

Tis a dark and stormy afternoon here. Didn’t start out that way, so I am sans raincoat. And it’s blowing enough that the window on my shop door is wet, even though it’s under an 8’ canopy.

Hey, if I could deal with one I’d been putting off for several months… :wink:

As for Walmart, might I suggest availing yourself of their pickup (they assemble your order and load it for you) or delivery (nice driver brings goodies to your door) service, if your finances permit? I’ve found my own Walmart+ subscription well worth it.

Rather sunny out there right now, but we’re still projected for showery weather with possible thunderstorms.

Had to open all the windows and get exhaust fans in the bathrooms running. Apparently, something got spilled on a burner and I’d rather not deal with the smoke alarm today. Gotta cook down that chicken stock a bit for better flavor, then I need to figure out a faster/easier way to get excess fat out of than shoving it in the fridge overnight. Want soup TODAY.

Flyboy, you beat me to my favorite pirate joke. First heard a version of that from Drew Carey, I think.

BatBoy, I feel your pain - that is, I once did. I had an inventory control job that I liked and was good at; I was responsible for stock replenishment at half a dozen industrial supply warehouses.
Then a new computer program reduced my daily workload to about 10 minutes of button-pushing. To fill the rest of the day, I got sent spreadsheets of all products sold, and I was supposed to be looking for trends, or finding ways to cut fat, or streamlining processes… or something. I never really grasped what the hell my job even was at that point.
I was not trained or qualified for any of it, and unlike you, my boss did a terrible job of helping me succeed when he knew I was struggling.
So I’d stretch out my 10 minutes of button-pushing for as long as I could, stare blankly at the spreadsheets for a while, fart around on the internet, and then go home. Every damn day, until they decided (correctly) that they didn’t need me around anymore.
The silver lining is that my next job turned out to be a great fit, and I excelled at it for several years.
I hope you can find a similar happy ending.

FCM, when we moved my Mom to her senior apartment, she insisted on taking her enormous bedroom set, most of the living room furniture, her big desk, etc., etc. Once we had gotten her to agree to move, we figured that wasn’t a fight worth having, so we just dealt with it. Everything fit - barely. Her place was very cramped, but it made her feel comfortable.
Sounds like your MIL is not so intent about hanging onto stuff.

We got some decent rain in SF yesterday. It was supposed to rain all day today as well, but it’s clear and N.O.S. We’re going to need lots more that what we got to make even a small dent in the drought conditions.

Mrs W headed up to Sacramento this morning, so I’ll be bach-ing it for a couple nights. I wish I could say that means lots of drinking, partying, and general carousing, but I’m really not up for that kind of stuff anymore. Couch, TV, and the pizza that Mrs W doesn’t like will be more my speed.

Oh, my gosh, peeps! I mean, shiver me timbers! As I was getting ready to head out for the Giant Jab, I got a call from M. at the clinic: “What did you SAY to them? They overnighted the lens, and it’s here!”

The jab was a big pain in the butt–literally, as it goes in at the tailbone. But it had lidocaine in it, so the relief was almost immediate. I’m about to walk to the bus station and thence to the eye clinic. I’ll put the lens in while there, just in case this one is also f’d up. Fingers crossed…eyes, too, if that helps.

nellie Yay for the new eyeball! Hope it works correctly. Or should that be “Huzzah!”

Maybe you should get a job at the eye clinic - sounds like you know how to get $h!t DONE girl!

Still counts.

Back when I was living with a significant other, the rare times he was gone meant EAT ALL THE THINGS HE HATES.

… still miss you, Other Shoe but I ate so much lamb and salmon the rare times you had to travel or work super late!

It’s a green salad and corn on the cob for dinner today.

I think I may have talked my youngest into joining the dawter to come over for lumpia next Sunday. He’s going through a really rough time in his marriage and has been doing the hermit thing. Nothing like fried food to coax someone out of the house.

If there is a Public Fiduciary in the area you could talk to, that would probably be helpful. Your BIL doesn’t sound like he needs to be placed under guardianship, but they will know of other resources available. If you could manage a face to face meeting with one, you will likely walk away feeling much more comfortable and prepared for the future.

Many newer apartments and condos are already ADA compliant so will have a walk in shower. They could be less expensive and more readably available.

Our county has an entire department devoted to helping people age in place. If there is something like that in your area, talk to them. They know things.

I had a doctor appointment today and left hubs with the yard guys. I knew better. Now I have no climbing roses. I am super upset.

I may have posted in the other MMP that I ate something Saturday that my stomach (and intestines) violently rejected overnight. I did some praying to the porcelain god, but that was over with in just a couple of minutes.

So why do my stomach muscles feel like I’ve been doing major abdominal crunches? I’m so sore that it hurts to take a deep breath. And the two minutes I was on all fours did a number on my butt muscles, too. Gad! I wouldn’t make a very good frat boy.