Shodan gives us all his regards.

It’s a minor thing, but I think it’s incredibly polite of Shodan to sign off every single post with a kind word so that every Doper knows that Shodan really has regards for us. Knowing that he holds us in such regard makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but slightly guilty, as I’m not sure I deserve his regards. I’m a bit of an asshole. Here the guy is giving me his regards with every post, and yet I’m pitting him for it. Shame on me. Bad monkey! But knowing that he holds me in such regard does make me feel happy.

So I feel slightly guilty, but I also feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like I just ate a kitten.

Don’t feel guilty about it, it’s fucking stupid to sign off a post.

Well, they seem to be baleful regards, near as I can tell.

Who else uses a signature every time? **Mean Mr. Mustard **comes to mind, (mmm) but it’s not as…um…it’s not like Shodan’s.

Actually the first couple times I saw Mustard’s, I didn’t get what was going on. I thought maybe he was pondering what he had just wrote, or perhaps considering what to have for lunch.

Fuck off,

Sicks Ate

Is it that time of the year again already?

Vinyl Turnip, you used to be funny. What the hell happened?

I thought it was code for “fuck you”

Maybe that time of the month.


Actually its a little early this year. Probably because of all the rain we got in the Spring.

Shock! - watch the monkey get hurt, monkey

Shock the monkey
Shock the monkey
Shock the monkey to life
Sincerely Shocked,

A menstruation joke. Hilarious.



But yeh, there seems to be a ‘who farted’ kinda smell that accompanies Shodan’s. Intentionally spiteful with a pinch of contempt, but that could be because he’s one of the resident vocal conservatives here.

Anyhow, a dead horse is still dead after kicking it. News at 11…

Perhaps if we had icons, Shodan wouldn’t feel the urge to use a tag at the end of every post.

As they say in the news bizz…if it bleeds it leads.

Though I gotta agree, the regards thingy bugs me mildly.

Pretty much. I grow tired of such a petty pitting happening on a regular basis.

Sloooooowwwly I turn…

Shodan, in all seriousness, it’s not the content of your posts I’m pitting. I frequently agree with you. It’s the sign off. Why do you do that? I have never read your reason for tagging every single post. So my question to you is simple.

Why do you do that?

Yeah, it does sometimes come off a bit like a Southern matron’s “Bless your heart”, especially if it comes at the end of an attempt to skewer someone.

I’m guessing he read the OP and got sucked into a black hole of mediocrity.

So you are saying his passed through the “content horizon”?