Shortest lifespan of team jersey you personally bought?

I only own two player team jerseys both of players who are still active and have been for the past 5 years or so on the same team. One hockey one football. It’s just been luck that these players haven’t been traded or retired or had career ending injuries or been cut so I’d say as a fan they’ve had their useful lifespan.
These fan worn replica player jerseys are pretty popular and pretty expensive and I was wondering if anyone has dropped some personal cash on one only to see that player gone shortly after.
Like maybe buying a Cam Newton Panthers jersey last season only to see his season cut short, be released, and now he’s a Patriot.

How about a 2007 New England Patriots jersey boasting about their 19-0 record?

Wayne Gretzky only played in 18 games for the St. Louis Blues, 25 years ago, but there are still # 99 jerseys in the stands at Blues games.

I bought a Derrick Thomas jersey in late 1999. In early 2000, he was the late Derrick Thomas.

Matt Leinart Arizona Cardinals jersey. Kind of an expensive lesson. Not even sure if I still have it, it’s probably packed away in one of my winter clothes storage boxes. I’ll look for it next month or so when it starts to cool down

Disappointed to find that this thread is not about the shoddy construction of overpriced sport team merchandise.

That part is simply assumed.

Really? Maybe things have changed but I still have several replica hockey jerseys from the 1990s and they’re still in good shape, just a bit of fraying on the emblems. Things may have changed since then, that period of time is when I actually had disposable income for the first time. I buy a lot of sports T shirts and hoodies now, but haven’t bought a jersey in a long time

I found at a outlet store in Las Vegas in the late 90s a large rack of SUPER BOWL WINNER shirts for the team that lost the Super Bowl, maybe Green Bay Packers from 97 I believe? I always heard those were either destroyed or sent to 3rd world countries for aid but here they were, about 30-40 of them right in front of my eyes.

I have no idea if they were official NFL merchandise that got thrown into an outlet store to make a quick buck for the tourists or maybe a local casino made them and dumped them, but I kick myself for not paying the $10 for one just for the irony factor.

My dad claims he saw an infomercial about helping 3rd world kids and one of them was wearing a Superb Owl winner shirt, with the wrong winning team on it. My guess is that what you saw in vegas might have been “unofficial” merchandise, and the store was trying to offload it just to get some money back.

I’ve always thought the wrong team winning shirts sent to developing countries thing was a myth. You’d think that some adventure traveler or volunteer would have spotted some. I’m also not sure of the economics behind it and is lack of clothing an issue??

It’s my hypothesis that the wrong team shirts are some that get smuggled out.

My son desperately wanted a Johnny Damon Red Sox jersey for Christmas in 2004, and got it from grandma. Fortunately, he was about 8 then and had a growth spurt so in December 2005, when it was no longer viable, he couldn’t wear it anyway.

There’s a company near Indy that makes licensed gear, and there’s always a news story around Super Bowl time about what happens to the loser’s “Champion!” gear. It goes overseas via aid organizations. Here are some articles that back that up:

I got a Bryce Harper Washington Nationals jersey as an Xmas gift in 2018. A few months later he signed with the Phillies. That’s the breaks.

I have a Red Sox Nomar Garciaparra shirt (not a real jersey) that I bought in 2004, before he was traded. Granted, it was a used shirt, so no major outlay of cash. Still have it.

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Not a specific player, but I have an Orlando Apollos team jersey.

Bought a Randy Johnson jersey at the Mariners spring training site in 1998. He was traded to Houston midway through the season. A few years later Ichiro signed with the Mariners and wore the same number as Johnson, 51. I removed the Johnson name patch and wore the jersey without a name, most assumed it was an Ichiro jersey.

Kevin Kolb Eagles jersey, was literally benched for Michael Vick weeks after I bought it.

I wonder how many Jaromir Jagr Calgary Flames jerseys were sold. 22 games in 2017-18. One goal, six assists.