Shot down again

By my standards, I’ve been very agressive with women in the past couple of years. I’ve asked out 3 women, including one this week. Shot down every time. The most recent woman I asked “doesn’t date”.

Well, neither do I, but not as a matter of choice. I don’t want to suggest anything wrong about this woman, or indeed any of the women who’ve tuned down a date with me. They certainly have that right. I believe I deserve more, but unfortunately there’s no one to collect from.

I’m gonna stop here, before I hit bottom of the self-whining pool.

It gets better, at least they talk to you (men wont even talk to me IRL). Keep up the asking out of woman you’d like to get to know better.

During WW2, British night bombing accuracy was something like 50% of bombs dropped landed within half a mile of their target. The solution? Drop lots of bombs. Same goes for dames.

Wait, throw lots of dames out of airplanes over Germany? Gotcha! :wink:

Would that be over the city of Pussyschplatten?

If you are lucky, you’ll end up Fucking.


Disregard the previous post - hamsters.

…you’ve been agressive towards women, shot three times, and then you’re surprised that the latest dame would rather pass on the opportunity?!

Maybe you’re too stressed or fretting before (and during) asking a person on a date? Are they from you’re daily environment? If so, maybe you should try to alternate with people you’re spontanous attracted to, and just ask them to go for a coffee or buy a drink, no strings attached. If they decline, it will not matter as much, and in my experience tends to lessen the impact from the harsher crush based ones (elephantiases still recommended).

Oh and don’t forget that most people go through a lot of mismatches before finding a great thing. Even if you miss a hundred times the game is still worth it in the end. Three times in a couple of years just is’t enough to hit the bottom in any decent pool. I’ve taken more hits in the last couple of months and I haven’t seen any bottom yet (and you’re invited to come along as I explore my deepsea capabilities).

Very noble, abstinence by choice, not yours, but choice nontheless…

Single above gives good advice… did you say that you asked out three women in the last two years? And not a one of (all of) them said yes, so you’re frustrated and think you’re undesireable or such? Hmmm, ever seen the results of a poll done with three people? No, because it would mean very little concerning the populace as a whole. I think that your sample size is a bit low here, you may start complaining only after thirty women shut you down, not three.

And lay off the booger jokes, it worked for me. :slight_smile:

It’s way past 30. I’ve been getting turned down for dates for 35 years now. I remember my first rejection at 15. I have never once in my life been attracted to a woman and then have her accept an invitation to go out. I seem to be attracted only to woken who are predisposed to reject me.

Well, woken are just that way. Evil beings that they are.

Ah, the venomous woken. I once had one latch herself on to my ankle. It took $100, a crowbar, a jar of vaseline and 35 minutes of furious fisting before I could remove it. Those were the days…



Sounds like something out of a Jules Verne book.

Maybe you could try asking out someone who doesn’t immediately set off the lust-o-meter, but may nevertheless turn out to be a perfectly wonderful woman? If you’ve only come across three women in over two years who you think are worthy of dinner and a movie, then I’ve got a feeling that your standards might be a bit unrealistic.

Of course, I haven’t had been noticed by a man in ages, and I’d rather fellate a python than have to >gulp< ask somebody out, so take the above advice with a shaker or two of salt. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, sorry 'bout that 30 comment then…

Maybe it’s your approach/demeanor/attitude/confidence/expectations or lack thereof (you pick).

I once found, and this may come as a shocker, that women didn’t like the mumbling, self-deprecating,(Woody Allen-esq) comments that I (and many “friends”) found humerous. I would joke all the time (no, ALL the time) about things and noboby would go out with me, Hmmm.

This went on for years starting from H.S.; I asked 8 girls to the Sr. prom and still ended up not going (never did find out what the "Swahilian Flu was, come to think of it…). In fact I only went to one dance during H.S., a Turnabout (girls ask guys thing) and That was just so my date could get back together with her ex-beau!

College, proved to be dry as well, lots of female friends but no girl-friends, and not for lack of trying I’ll add. (That comment, “Abstinence by choice, not MY choice…” was like a maxim of mine. (ok, I really herd it from a comedian once).

So years go by and people start thinking, “this guy must be Gay” (not that there’s anything wrong with that mind you, so put those torches down) but I kept thinking “Hey, I don’t even Like Barbara Striesand, well, not that much anyway, I mean she’s ok… Hmmm, maybe their right!”, but thankfully my friends pointed out that I also had/have no fashion sense (you mean cut-offs aren’t appropriate for everything? They went out of style when?). This went on for many years (I asked my first girl out when Regan was president - the first time).

Now, I’m not trying to compare myself to you or prove that I’ve had a miserable time with broads too (by the way, they don’t seem to like that term either). Though now that I look back… pretty sad, in fact I think I need to sit down… Seriously (sort of) though, Your’s is not a unique (or maybe not even all that rare) experience, many of us have been there, and there’s gonna be a light somewhere down the line.

5 years ago I was in one of those “women are evil” kind of moods. Now when I got into that kind of mood I wasn’t all down on myself, I would use my power of wit to insult women (not cruel or anything really mean - or so I thought, but poking clever fun at them - still not nice to do to strangers, I know). Like a bully (closest analogy, and no, I’m not proud), it made me feel better but didn’t win me many dates. Well, at a party I meet this girl who was so pleasant and sweet that I couldn’t bring myself to antagonze her, and we talked and danced the whole night. The point here is; I wasn’t looking for anyone at the time, if anything the exact opposite, but there you have it.

Long story short (too late, I know): We married last week… It can happen, just be patient.

Weren’t the woken the female partners of the morlocks? Certainly, they wouldn’t couple with eloi.

Dating is like batting: you need to practice, you will have slumps, and you’ll have hitting streaks. Most of all, keep a good attitude, and continue swinging. :smiley:

Need to find a slump-buster (i.e. - Mark Grace’s interpretation of taking a grenade for the boys) and things will turn around in no time…

Of course, there’s always the oldest self-defense mechanism in the book…

She shot you down? Obviously a lesbian. Only possible explanation.

Keep swinging. The only thing worse than getting shot down over and over is surrendering to apathy. That’s what’s REALLY depresing.

-Joe, frequently going down in flames

Keep plugging away, it’ll be worth it.