Should Curtis LeMay not make polls at all?

Says Mr. LeMay: “I never compromise on making polls: public or none at all.

I’m confused by the syntax in the question. Does “Yes” mean he should not make polls, or does “No” mean “No polls”?

Same here though I voted “I don’t care” since I don’t.

Yes. :wink:

Okay, seriously, “Yes” = “He should not make polls. Or at least not make ones that one would be uncomfortable anwering publicly.”

wow bestiality for that one and another one today regarding circumcision.

For some of the other posts I have read by him, that’s quite a wide range of interests!

Wide range, small region. :wink:

Let him make as many as he wants; I don’t need to read or participate in any of them.

Let him make as many as he wants.

He won’t get accurate results if he’s asking embarassing questions in a public poll, but that’s his problem. He might not even care if the results are accurate.

I voted “yes”, but I don’t care – none at all, but maybe public.

IIRC, he was warned for cluttering the first page with polls. Starting to look like that was a good thing.

You left out the option for “he should stop posting anything at all to do with sex or human behavior, anatomy, or physiology.” That’s my vote.


No, no, no.

This is not a good thing, folks. Sorry. Gotta shut it down.