Should I watch Rocky II tonight?

Rocky II is going to be on ESPN Classic tonight. I’ve never seen this movie. I’ve seen Rocky and Rocky III. Should I watch Rocky II? How much will be edited? Rocky III was so goofy that I loved it, although it was not a real challenge to the first Rocky movie. Is Rocky II a waste of time, or should I watch it knowing that Rocky will probably beat Apollo Creed in this movie?

I think if you liked I, you’d like II. II is lot more like I than III.

If there’s nothing else on and you’re bored enough …

It’s certainly a lot better than the other sequels.

I find this leads to an interesting question - five Rocky movies (though some will only admit to four). Is each later movie worse than each prior movie? My only question is III versus IV, although I’ve only seen about 3/4 of III.

Two is a pretty good sequel. Not as good as the first one, but it expanded on the story in a believable and interesting way.

My answer is no. I used to think the Rocky movies did an upside down bell curve. Rocky was good. Rocky II was less good. Rocky III sucked. Rocky IV was okay. And Rocky V was good.

Then I rewatched parts 1 through 4 and realised the third one wasn’t so bad after all. I still think the fifth one is better than the other sequels, but maybe I’ll change my mind after rewatching it.

Wow, you’re the only person I’ve ever met who has thought the 5th one was anything other than the worst of the bunch.

“Eeee eez lake a peas ov ion.” - Ivano Drago, dee grateest boxehr oo as evar leaved.

Rocky II is pretty good as sequels go, about as good as 3. The fourth movie is a big step down in quality, and the fifth one is quite bad. Mrs. Six had never seen any of them (she’s a recent immigrant from the Philippines), so we rent great old movies a lot. For the Rocky series, it was the first 3, then pretend the others don’t exist.

Ivan Drago was in IV, and he never said that line. He said it in Russian.

He never said “He is like a piece of iron?” I could have sworn I saw that flash up on the screen.

He did say it, but in Russian, so he never said “Eeee eez lake a peas ov ion”.