Should Jennifer Anniston marry Vince Vaughn?

During an all-to-regular perusal of a tabloid (oh, hush, it amuses me and doesn’t hurt anyone), I started meditating on this particular match. I’d thought it was a rebound fling and she was clear about that – now I’m starting to worry she’ll actually marry him. The particular story claimed she was feeling urgency to do so before Brad and Angelina tie the knot, in order to prove something. (The “what” that would be proved was a trifle murky to me.)

Whaddya think?

prepares to watch thread sink like a stone…

Should they? I have no idea, I don’t think anyone outside of their relationship could possibly know.

However, if you’re collecting data points, I’d marry him in a hot minute. :cool:

You’d think, after having one marriage subjected to a remarkable level of scrutiny, she’d want to shy away from any move that even hints at impulsiveness or desperation. She also needs to learn that no matter what she does, Brangelina news will always trump Vaugniston news. Making any effort to compete on those terms will be useless, so she should just be used to living in that gossip shadow and not push or rush things with those concerns in mind.

He’s an overgrown frat rat with little personality and less talent. So yeah, she should probably grab him. :rolleyes:

She damn well better.

I don’t care, as long as she keeps sleeping with me.

Given that she has even less personality and less talent, it sounds like a step up.

An amazingly pointless question which I will be happy to answer.

No, Jen is mine.

Though if she insists on a threesome, I suppse I will go along.

No. Marrying someone right after the divorce is never a good idea, especially if you didn’t hook up with the person until you were getting divorced in the first place.

Even if you are left financially secure, a divorce is still an emotionally trying event. Jen strikes me as a fairly put-together woman, but she would be less than human if she were thinking rationally about men and relationships this soon after her cheating husband dumped her to be with the ho-bag mother of his daughter which was conceived behind Jen’s back.

If I were Jen’s invisible guardian angel, I’d will myself to stop watching her undress and take showers long enough to tell her to give it at least a year, preferably two, and that if Vince really loved her, he’d understand and wait. Then when she asked who the hell I was, I’d tell her that I was just a voice inside her head, and the best way to banish me would be to pleasure herself for the next few hours while moaning Linty, Linty using the handy-dandy little device in the top dresser drawer which she didn’t even remember buying.

I read once that the only woman in search of a husband is she who’s never had one.

My answer? Dunno, but he seems fun and not preoccupied with his looks. It might be a good change for her. :wink:

Rachel is going to marry the President? :eek:


Marry? Nah. They should do the live-in love thing. While still photos do not do him justice, there is something about Vince that seems quite loveable. He strikes me as a fun person to be with. And she makes me laugh every time I see a re-run of Friends. Neither of them are spotlight stars like Brangelina.

This is one of those gossip stories that makes me want to wish good things for Jennifer Aniston. Divorcing her husband and then watching all of the hype and well-wishes for his new family must be hard to deal with. Break ups are not easy for anyone.

Hollywood gossip is one of my guilty pleasures. The guilt part stems from the knowledge that shitty things happen to everyone and the shitty is multiplied when the general public is watching and judging it all. Who the hell wants to be measured against Angelina Jolie? If they do get married… all the best to them!

He never looks at people in the eyes. His gaze always wanders around at nothing. Annoys the fuck out of me, can’t see how she can stand it.

Did Jen put you up to this? Next time, tell her to post under her own g*ddamn name and not be such a coward!

No charisma, not handsome, and from the looks of his personality on and off screen is not husband or father material. She would be better off marrying Steven Seagal.

…who at least has a singing career to fall back on … :stuck_out_tongue:

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