Shouldn't that be a "squidonality"?

Dog and cat owners knew it all along, they have personalities. But did you know that other animals, such as rats, mice, spiders and squids also have personalities?
I don’t mind squids having personalities but I am now going to be more paranoid about spiders, I already thought they messed with me on purpose and now I know for sure. But if squids start building webs in the corner of my living room, I’ll worry about them, too.

If squids start building webs people’s living rooms, we’re ALL in a lot of trouble.

Well, if a person has personality, then a squid would have squidality. There’s no such thing as a “squidon.” :stuck_out_tongue:

and the oil has a certain Wessonality.

*Over and over
I tried to prove my love to you;
Over and over,
What more can I do?
Over and over;
My friend says I’m a fool
But o-o-o-ver and over
I’ll be a fool for you
'Cause you got:

Arms! (with squidonality!)
Beak! (with squidonality!)
Pen! (with squidonality!)
Ink! (with squidonality!)
Gills! (with squidonality!)
And plus you got three great big hearts!

So over
And over
Woah I’ll be a fool for you
Now over and over
What more can I do?

Wo-o-o-over and over…*

Sorry Lloyd…

I think squidon is a perfectly cromulent word.

So this thread has pretty much made my day.

I’m already aware that squid have personality, for the record.

They’re tentacular!

I think a squidon is when the male squids start feeling frisky.

Does this qualify the SDMB Initiation Ceremony as a relationship?

I think Terrifel is actually a hyper-intelligent squid!

Did someone call?

In other news, snorting hot coffee out of your nose is an … interesting … sensation.

Squibbons, on the other hand…