Shut up, SHUT UP, *SHUT UP* and MOVE ON!

Bush is the president now. Nothing is going to change that. So;

[ul][li]If you are Republican, stop gloating.[/li][li]If you are Democrat, get over it.[/ul][/li]
I trust I make myself perfectly clear*?

Now then, are there any other topics anyone sees being beaten into a bloody pulp lately, or am I just still in a cranky mood?


[sub]*This is my opinion, and no one else’s. This does not reflect the opinion of the Straight Dope Message Board, The Straight Dope newspaper column, Cecil Adams, The Chicago Reader, the United States of America, the planet Earth, the Sol system, the Milky Way, or any other entity, living or dead, in the entire known and unknown universe. This is only a suggestion - this is not a command, invictive, demand, coersion, order, or in any way to be construed as anything other than my own opinion. Anyone interpreting this as anything like anything heretofore described should summarily go fuck themselves.[/sub]

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I was really hoping someone would say this :slight_smile:

As for other topics, there’s always the ever shocking “Creationists and Evolutionists disagree on many things” threads (Three, maybe four going on right now. Your mileage may vary).

So Esprix,

Where does that leave us Libertarians? Damn, people always forget about us Libertarians, man that chaps my hide. :wink:

< snicker >

Or maybe it’s just the cold that’s chapped yer hide, Tech’ems m’dear.

We CAN’T forget about the Libertarians… no matter how hard we try. :smiley:

As with the OP… I think the Repubs are entitled to at least another month or two of gloating, but only stuff along the lines of “We’re bringing honor back to the White House” and all that crap (actually, I think these four years will be good for the White House… give it a chance to air out that fishy smell.)

Well bud, judging from the disclaimer in the op, I’d have to say you’re still cranky :slight_smile:

And Happy Birthday to Ralph Nader today

I don’t think this subject will EVER be dropped. It’s going to be one of those perpetual debates. Long after America has forgotten O.J., Jon Benet, and Elien – please, please, please, America, FORGET O.J., Jon Benet, and Elien – people will still be arguing about the recounts, the Supreme Court decision, the role of Doubya’s cousin at Fox News, the electoral college, etc. And, IMHO, they should be. Unlike the other “big news stories” I mentioned, this is IMPORTANT. America screwed up big time. We’ve got a guy sitting in the oval office who is not the rightful winner of the election. We’ve allowed a virtual coup to occur, and worse, a lot of people are perfectly okay with it.

By the way, I’m not disgruntled because “my guy” lost. Gore wasn’t “my guy”. I didn’t much like him, although I did (and do) consider him preferable to Bush. I decided to vote against the two party system by voting for a 3rd party candidate. After some thought, I settled on Nader. Voting for any 3rd party sends an “I’m dissatisfied” message to the big two parties. Voting for Nader sent the additional message, “I want campaign finance reform”

Good point, Hazel. There is a rather large distinction between being a sore loser and acquiescing in the abuse of democracy. If this were not true, every reform movement in American history would have shut down, and Kansas City would still be run by the Pendergasts, etc.

One of the finest exchanges I’ve ever seen was a post of that scurrilous e-mail that “thanked Clinton” for one’s kid learning about oral sex from the evening news, etc. – a rant that even Johnsbury, much as he despises the Clintons, would be embarrassed to post. And the response was:

Yeah, and after the Democrats taught them all about sleaze, the Republicans followed up with an education in political science, such as:

[li]Any boy can grow up to become President – if he buys the right judges.[/li]Be sure to vote! Remember, every vote counts – maybe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hazel and Polycarp–did you bother reading the OP? Take your sour grapes to another thread or start your own, this one is for the people sick of listening to you and the equally annoying Bush supporters.


Preach it, brother!

I could stand to see Bill Clinton fall into a black hole and off our radar screens. I find myself wondering exactly whose souls he sold to the Devil in order to get their 15 minutes-es. Couldn’t have been his, he auctioned that off way back in 1996.

Esprix et al., is someone holding a gun to your head and making you read those threads?

Now, if you look at all the supercilious, self-absorbed crap you’ve STARTED threads on, and can claim with a straight face that they’re worthy of discussion while democracy itself is not, well, you have that right, but don’t hope to convince anyone else.

Sheesh, it’s people like you folks who give sad wankers a bad name.


[ul][li]If you’re Libertarian, quit being so smug.[/ul][/li]
And I’m not talking specifically about this board, I’m talking about everywhere - around the water cooler, on the news, wherever.

And as much as I liked Bill Clinton, I, too, think (a) everyone should stop attacking him now that he’s gone, and (b) he should actively work to get himself out of the spotlight. Your presidency is over, Bill; now it belongs to Bush. It sucks. Suck it up.

And, as already mentioned, this isn’t the place to start debating this topic, this is the place to bitch about those of you who do. So move along.


Bullshit, Elvis. This has nothing to do with “democracy” and everything to do with repetition. While I know that you still suffer from the delusion that Gore is the perfect example of human achievement and he got the bum’s rush last year, the rest of the world (for the most part) is smart enough to face the facts.

Repeating “Bush stole the election” a hundred times doesn’t make it any more true.

Upon reading thir posts (something that might be worth a try if you get a moment), it’s obvious that they did indeed read the OP. And responded to it.

To sum up, Polycarp said:


to perhaps provide a counterpoint to this pseudo-debate, i’m going to say that one really cannot cease complaining about the fact that Bush is president. While it IS time to let go the whole “he stole the election” thing due to the fact that it’s a moot point, the fact is, he is the president for the next four years, with the ability (and, apparently, the desire) to make changes that will affect us and the nation for a very long time; with something that so directly concerns us, I feel it’s going a bit far to say that condemnations of Bush’s actions are superfluous and redundant.


I have one thing to say: **

And another thing, Great Debators: Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

Christians: Quit gloating.
Jews: Ehh … close enough.
Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus: Psst! Over here!
Scientologists: You’re just stupid.
IPU’ers: We are not amused.
Athiests: Get over it.

Evolutionists: Rome was not built in a day, but our universe was built in six, about 10,000 years ago.


Well…since you asked…I happened to think that the topic of homosexuality has been covered quite thoroughly…and yes, you do still seem to be in a cranky mood.

Well, can I join you, Esprix? I’m cranky and hormonal, want some cookies?

When did I EVER say THAT, even once, much less repetitively? Show me, or open yourself to your charge of “suffering from delusion”. If you’d ever trouble to actually read and understand posts that don’t tell you what you want to hear, you’d know better.

Maybe you’re better off in this thread, devoted to people who are tired of being asked to think.