Shut up, Sigourney, you're embarassing yourself

Sigourney Weaver was talking about this year’s Academy Awards and she had this to say about why James Cameron didn’t win: “Jim didn’t have breasts, and I think that was the reason. He should have taken home that Oscar. In the past, Avatar would have won because they loved to hand out awards to big productions, like Ben-Hur. Today it’s fashionable to give the Oscar to a small movie that nobody saw.”

This is just low-class. Avatar’s going to earn around a billion dollars - there’s no reason to whine about how tough James Cameron’s life is. And the Academy has certainly not shown any bias in favor of small movies.

But the comment about breasts was probably the worst of all. Eighty-one men were awarded an Oscar for best director before one woman finally won it this year. Claiming that there’s anti-male sexism at work is just stupid.

Just dont be crying when the Aliens come.

I agree. It’s lame when a movie that no one has seen wins.

I hated The Hurt Locker. I disliked Avatar so I guess it doesn’t really matter. But I remember watching the former and asking myself, “THIS is what all the hype is about?”

Yes, because it’s logically impossible that the Academy, having been biased against women in the past (though it was less the academy and more the industry itself), can now be biased towards women.

The Academy awards are meaningless awards given to whichever director/actor/movie will give the members of the Academy the best publicity. This year, it’s about supporting our troops instead of saving the environment.

Also, your rant sucks, and you suck. Just shut the fuck up already.

ETA: Oh yes, when you post your little “I’m sorry my rant isn’t good enough, blah blah, I’m not listening to you, you’re mean sob” reply, just don’t bother, because it’s been done, it’s been done better, and because it’s pointless.

Sigourney Weaver might be more in the know than Little Nemo.

Doesn’t this suggest she is right and it was about time for a woman to win? Where did she claim there was anti-male sexism? I read her quote as a recognition by the academy of past pro-male sexism, and a desire to remedy that. I think you are looking to be offended.

How about you take your own advice for once?

Now if we could just get Sigourney Weaver to log on and post that I should shut the fuck up as well, we’d have us a perfectly self-contained circular thread.

So why chose to turn the tide now? Seriously? Eighty plus years of pro-white male bias and this time, this once, we go the other way and Ms. Weaver calls it in retrospect?

Maybe her movie just sucked?

Why? You got me. I am not in the academy. Like I said, Ms. Weaver probably knows more than everyone on this board combined about the academy process. I remember a similar type of momentum for Halle Berry and Denzel Washington (although he was not the first; it had been a long while).

A position based on “Hollywood celebrities know what they’re talking about” feels like a flimsy one.

Oh, there’s definitely a cultural shift toward the guilt-based propping up of women (and minorities, with LGBT being especially in-fashion) as a way of making up for all those years of repression. They’re absolutely scouring to find properly qualified candidates of the appropriate “repressed” gender/race/sexuality to trot out as the poster child of the “Look how tolerant and non-biased we are!” campaign.

I still wouldn’t take the comment of someone who lost seriously when they are making fun of the people who won. Which is what she is doing by saying the only reason they won was because she was female.

She comes off sounding like a sore loser. And, generally speaking, when an actor sounds like that, they really are one. They aren’t going to waste their acting talents on making themselves look worse.

If that is the read I am giving off, it is my error. That is not my position. In reality, momentum shifts toward certain directions. The academy, being predominantly liberal, is probably susceptible to voting for an underrepresented group when the time is right. I cannot say why the time was right for this particular case. The time was right in 2001 for black actors. The time appeared to be now for a female director.

That was my first impression as well. That does not make her wrong.

Ah, give ol’ Ivn a break. It must be absolutely maddening to have to get down off the cross so much in order to come in here and say the same goddamn thing all the time.

But that’s how he shows us that he cares. Just like a drunk spouse, he only keeps hitting us because we make him, you see.

Did anyone mention conflict of interest? STFU about your movie not winning, lest we think you’re nothing but a whiny little bitch.

I’m kind of surprised. I don’t resent her for taking the role and having fun with it, but it was pretty much a parody of Ripley. What a boob. The only reason I’m surprised Avatar didn’t win was because the Oscars are full of shitty movies getting rewarded.

In space, no one can hear you thank all the little people.

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Exactly. Quite acceptable for a TV film, but best film ? No way. Even myself, loaded on 8 Zubrowka vodkas, I’d do a better job of holding a movie camera.