Sibling rivalry at its finest

Guy Posts His Sister’s Hookup List To Facebook… And Tags All The Guys

Not much to say here, except holy cow.

And by “tags,” you mean “notifies,” not “goes out and has sex with,” right?

This is pretty awful in many ways.

Indeed, the way Facebook works, they would each have gotten a handy message & link pointing them to the document in question.


Is this real or faked?

No idea.

On the one hand, Katie sounds like a slut. On the other, the way she decorates her list makes her come across like she’s about 14. Which, given the subject matter of her list, is pretty sick.


Considering he got grounded for having beer in his room, and he claims to have found this in her room, it stands to reason they are both still in high school. If it’s real (and that’s a big if) I’d say she’s 16 or 17.

Even if it’s faked it’s awesome. (In fact, it would alleviate some of the guilt I feel for being amused by Katie’s misfortune).

At least she has a deadline, y’know?

I especially love his line “I [heart] facebook like you [heart] cock”

[totally out of touch]
WTF is a v-card?
[/totally out of touch]


She seems to have figured a way to have more than one.

I noticed there’s an asterisk like thing by the one one top, so I’m assuming that that young fellow is her second choice.

Then there’s #10, who gets the whole package.

Yet another reason why I hate our society.

Teenage slut? Teen alcohol use? Facebook in general? Help us out here.

Well, the fact that publishing a girl’s hook up list means she’s a slut and is something to be ashamed of. If a girl did the same to her brother, no one would think it was a big deal because guys are meant to be horndogs. But the reaction here is, “Damn, she’s a slut.” Lame.

FWIW, my reaction was, “That girl’s goal-oriented. Good for her.” Followed immediately by

[Drew from Office Space]
Make sure you wear a rubber, dude.
[/Drew from Office Space]

Thank God there was no Facebook when I was young.