Signs of female interest

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Melodyharmonius said :" Guys will be the first to admit that they can be clueless about the things us gals consider “big hints.”

I’ve found that also. What are some of the hints women use to signal romantic/sexual interest?

I just read that if someone stares at you for more than six seconds, it means that they either want to kill you or have sex with you. So there you have a fifty-fifty chance.

Other signs that I’ve heard of include her licking her lips, mimicking your gestures and movements, and touching her hair. Getting naked and inviting you into her bed is also a good indicator.

Differs from female to female, in my experience, but…

Look for touching, does she touch you more than she normally does other people?

Does she look nicer when she knows she’s going to run into you, than when you run into her accidentally?

Does she “puff up” her features? (if she’s proud of her hair, she’ll twirl/touch it, if she’s proud of her ass, she’ll make it a point to give you a view of it, etc)

Does she make excuses to spend time with you, or even alone with you?

The problem is, most of this stuff isn’t a choice, it’s just stuff females do to attract mates, so it’s ridiculously subtle and flies over the head of most guys. And that’s entirely separate from the women who actually have an active interest in a guy, rather than a passive one.

I’ve heard that if a woman laughs at something you said that wasn’t really that funny she’s probably into you.

I thought a girl was into me once. She was very chatty, hung around with me at parties, was touching my arm, grabbed my arse when she got drunk, etc. Then I eventually realised she was like this with everyone else too :(.

She was probably into them, too. :slight_smile:

If she goes out of her way to see you/talk to you, she likes you.

I tend to signal my interest by getting drunk with the guy in question and then making out with him after dragging him to a dark corner. That’s just me though.

Ladies: Please don’t be flirty as fuck if you’re already in a relationship. Thank you.

Opens notepad

Fire away ladies.

:smiley: I’m pretty sure that even I would have no trouble interpreting that signal.

The hair-stroking and gazing into your eyes things are pretty potent.

The more general precept: “If she’s into you, she’ll find reasons to spend time with you; if she’s not, she’ll find reasons not to” is pretty solid. Most social humans who are reasonably well-acquainted and like each other find reasons to meet up. If your lady-love e-mails you spontaneously, she’s interested. If she grudgingly trades one-liner replies to conversations you initiate – maybe not so much.

If she flatly turns you down – not great. If she gives you the “I can’t do Tuesday, but I’d love to take you to the tequila bar near my house Thursday” – you’re in good shape.

Some of us men can be pretty clueless about this stuff. Case in point:

I rode a commuter bus to work once upon a time. This one attractive girl started sitting next to me a lot. She made a point of asking questions about things I was reading, etc. One evening as we were arriving home, she said “I noticed that you always walk home from here - do you need a ride home?” I told her thanks, but it’s only about a block and a half. So I walked home, went to the mailbox and grabbed my mail, started looking through it, and then…

:smack:It dawned on me. Maybe, just maybe… So the next day I asked her out.

That was 16 years ago. We’re still married. Good that I eventually figured that out.

When I was in senior high school and even more completely and utterly clueless than I am now, I gave an attractive girl a lift home and when we got to her house she asked me if I wanted to come in for a drink. I said thanks but no I was OK because I’d had a drink just before, and drove off.

And now I’m going to just hit “Submit Reply” and walk away from this thread so I don’t have to think about this any more:D

I am not everyone, but I always make a point of giving verbal hints. They tend to be obvious so the guy in question gets the point and if also interested, he does them back.

Posts above remind me of a submission to - a high school boy was walking home and a cute girl in his class was driving by and stopped and offered him a ride. He accepted - and some what-was-he-thinking-impulse compelled him to jump into the BACK SEAT. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

I have no advice for the men, but ladies:

If you are interested, you cannot be subtle. They can’t see the bottle of ketchup in the refrigerator. They can’t see the cat sleeping in the middle of the floor, and they accidentally step on it. Whether men just have bad eyesight or are genetically clueless, you cannot be subtle, twirl your hair, bat your lashes. You have to make eye contact and SAY something encouraging. Often several times, as women’s voices are not well heard while they’re staring at your cleavage. You just can’t be subtle if YOU are interested in THEM.

Well my wife shoved me up against a wall and stuck her tongue in my mouth - worked pretty good it did.

If she says something along the lines of, “I’d really like to find a guy like you” or “I wish someone like you would ask me out.”

That means - Ask me out stupid.

However, if she says you’d be good for a friend- forget it.

Recently I heard a girl say to a guy “I really like going to FB games” which to me was a pretty obvious way of telling the guy to ask her out. Not sure if it worked or not.

If she’s sporting a fairly obvious boner, take it as a sign that you should go for it.