Silly rant about a stupid commercial

Announcer: Allthe other restaurants make their Ceasar salad the same way.

Waitress: Our Ceasar has romaine. . .
Different waitress: . . .cheese. . .
Waiter: . . .Romaine. . .
Waitress: . . .Chicken. . .
Different Waitress: . . .cheese. . .
Waiter: . . .dressing . . .

Announcer: Wendy’s Southwestern Ceasar is different. It has spicy chicken, corn and beans!!!
Well Wendy’s, the reason why all those restaurants make their Ceasar the same way is because **
THAT’S THE WAY YOU MAKE A CEASAR SALAD!!!**. If there is corn and beans in your Ceasar salad, than you don’t have a freakin’ Ceasar salad.


So true, Biggirl…so true. They never listen.

What next?
"All those other restaurants make their chicken the same way…

Ours is different! We make ours with turkey!

New, “turkey chicken”! Try some today!"

Et tu Wendys?

(to the theme from A-team)

Corn and beans, doo doo doo.
Co-orn and beans, doo doo doo doo doo.

Add a duck and you’ve got Turducken

Kinda hard to take them seriously when they mention the same ingredient more than once.

Homebrew, heh, did you see that your Turducken site mentions “2nd day air”? :smiley:

A very timely rant. I was complaining to my girlfriend about this exact commercial the other evening.

Of course, she’s used to me ranting about stupid commercials, so she just patted me on the head and said, “Yes, dear.” :slight_smile:
While i’m here, i might as well complain about one of my latest peeves in the world of TV advertising–the Subaru commercials featuring Lance Armstrong. I think their slogan qualifies for a “State the bleeding obvious” award:

“Subaru: Driven by what’s inside.”

Uh, yes, that would be the ENGINE!

Can I piggyback on your stupid commercial rant?

There’s an ad running right now for some sort of antiperspirant (I forget which, so the commercial has failed anyway) where some Bad Men are chasing the Good Guy and GG runs into a warehouse full of androids. He is able to hide amongst them while the BM try to seek him out with their heat-sensitive scopes, but they’re unable to find him because GG is using Name Brand Antiperspirant, which keeps him from sweating. Yay for Name Brand Antiperspirant!! The GG is saved!!

Except that antiperspirant doesn’t actually make your body stop generating heat, even if it does stop your pits from sweating, so regardless of GG’s use of Name Brand Antiperspirant, the BM would still be able to see him on their thermal imaging equipment.

Do people actually watch this and not realize how fucking stupid the whole concept it?

A pretty lame attempt to make the salad sound extra boring.

The commercial I hate most is the one for Fanta, with the annoying Fantanas. “Wanna Fanta, don’tcha wanna Fanta…” It seems to go on for fucking ever.

Can’t say i’ve ever seen this one. But it does sound rather annoying.

Here in Baltimore we’ve got to put up with Bill’s Carpet Fair commercials. From what I can gather, Bill (who has a laugh like the love child of Phyllis Diller and The Count from Sesame Street) has some sick desire to hold his own personal wet t-shirt contest with his stocky employee as the only contestant. The commercials always end with Ruben the Rotund getting splashed with a bucket of water.

I hate those commercials so much

Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful, Indygrrl.

-Munch, 100% in love with the Fantanas

Ugh god I hate that commercial. Every time I see it I want to stab myself in the thigh repeatedly just to distract myself.

Bowling-Alley Owner Wants TV Ad To Look More ‘Matrix-y’

What I’m reeeeeeeeeally sick of is all the goddamn “razor” technology. Every goddamn razor commercial features guys in the Holodeck (with no program loaded), watching razors twirl around and fly into their hands. Then the announcer informs us how much better this razor is than all the others because of some new space age “comfort strip.” It’s just a goddamn disposable razor, people!!

First of all, I am so with you on the Caesar salad front. As a one-time chef, I cannot tell you how offensive this sort of bastardization is.

Also, what is up with that Zima commercial? You know, the once where the guys get drunk, call up a hot chauffeur chick, play video games until she arrives and then go to the dance club where the protagonists main dance move seems to be smacking a chick on the ass?

cough cAEsar cough


The old slogan of Degree® brand antiperspirant, which is what this ad is selling, was “your body heat turns it on.” So I guess they were playing on that. The stranger one is where the agent puts Degree on his feet to avoid the heat-sensitive traps that lay between him and a stolen painting.