Simple things that are a turn on for reasons you don't understand.

Women standing on tip-toes.

At the supermarket tonight a woman was standing like this reaching for a bottle of sauce. I always jump in to help short people but, I must admit, because she was standing on tip-toes I took my time about it.

As the title says I find this really hot but have no idea why.

So is it just me or do others have unexplained turn-ons?

the internet has shown me that everything is a turn on for men. tip-toes would seem like a common thing, isn’t it why there are high heels?

something goes on while i’m asleep. i’m gonna find out with my new camcorder

Everything is a fetish. It’s the law.

Rule 34 on shopping girls!

Breastfeeding. I don’t know why; it just makes me all masturbatey!

– Chokers (for instance). The simpler (and less necklace-y) the better. Disproportionately favored by goth-y types, which otherwise is not at all my preferred style.

– Sensible footwear. I don’t know why, but a girl trekking around the city in sneakers is appealing. Speaks to being level-headed and practical. Or something.

– Conception. No, wait I think I do understand that one.
So I guess I’m looking for a girl in Adidas wearing a simple black cloth choker who gets pregnant if you look at her funny.


Yes. Knee high leather ones. (Gulp!)

Men fishing. I don’t know why, but rrrowr.

Of course. I didn’t mean work boots! The weather this winter has sucked, but it’s made for lots of boots.

The smell of beer on a guy’s breath. Not the “I’ve downed a six-pack, belch, and wanna do you” beer on breath, but the “I’ve had a beer and am feeling a bit relaxed and want to nibble your neck” beer on breath.

Forearms on guys. Not some musle-bound hotty, just your plain old average fellow. HAWT!

Bracelets on guys. Almost a universal turn-on for me and yet I can’t get the spouse to wear one.

Breathing makes me randy.

  • A dude’s sides. My young man has extremely (not in a fun way) ticklish ones and can’t stand them touched or otherwise interfered with, which I find intensely frustrating.

I was going to type something, but now I forget.

My bracelet got caught in my fishing line while I was reaching for a beer.

If we’re talking anatomy, the area between the small of a woman’s back and the first inch of her butt crack. Heaven!

Those little teeny tiny downy hairs on the back of a guy’s neck.

Strong, square hands with blunt fingers.

Watching a guy shave.

Watching a guy do something he passionately loves (e.g., watching a musician play music).

Chin dimples.

A woman in BDUs, especially if she is kind of petite.

Bonus points if she has side arm on her hip or strapped to the thigh, or a rifle slung across the back. (Yes I go through a military gate every weekday, why do you ask?)

Oh my god, me too! It’s always been hot to me when a man leans in close, and you can smell a trace of beer on him. Also, whenever I see a man fixing stuff, I think “I would like to have sex with you now.” But I don’t that’s very uncommon.


Women in hats, especially broad brimmed ones.