Simpsons 4/3

The episode, as a whole, left me feeling kind of flat, but it was worth it for a couple of lines,

“I haven’t seen this much drugs in a wang since I ran that Chinese opium den.”

But, when the lady asked Bart what the name of his cat was, he checks her out and says, “Apron Boobs Face”.

Then, he tells her his name is “Shoes Butt Back”. (it was “shoes”, wasn’t it?)

By the way, did that “Fat Cat” story line resolve, or did they just leave it hanging with Bart and Lisa eating baked goods? I seriously can’t remember.

Homer’s interview was pretty funny, and I liked the trip to Shelbyville.

They semi-resolved the Snowball II storyline by having Homer run into the cat while he was sneaking off to Moe’s, and Homer says “I won’t tell if you won’t.” So the implication I took away is that the cat supposedly stopped going to the other house but sneaks out.

Who else expected a Kittens Kittens Kittens! storyline? I’d bet Homer would be too lazy or cheap to get Snowball V–I mean, II–fixed.

The Frank Gehry stuff was priceless, as was the audience leaving since they’ve heard the ‘da da da DUUUUM!’. And the stampede at the thought of Philip Glass, with the orchestra itself bringing up the rear.

I like to think of Homer riding a Segway as a salute to its neighbor show ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Please don’t disillusion me.

I agree. I like the way they mocked the design process (a crumpled letter)
and the construction process (build a normal looking frame and then whack the bejesus out of it with wrecking balls). Felt like old-style Simpsons for a while there.

“Binge and Purr” cat food was pretty funny as well.

Was the little hat that Homer wore in prison a subtle reference to the HBO series Oz? It reminded me of the hat that Simon Adebisi wore, although I don’t think he was a snitch.

BTW, I loved the Frank Gehry stuff, particularly the portrayal of how the building was constructed (randomly deform a conventional building until it looked right). And I agree that the stampede at the annoucement of the Philip Glass piece was funny.

Adebisi’s hat remains one of the great mysteries of Oz. How did it stay on? I don’t remember him being a snitch, either, apart from his relationship with Querns which wasn’t snitchworthy so much as protecting his own interests. Said became his pod mate at McManus’s prompting to try and find the videotapes of all that stuff going on behind the sheet at Adebisi’s pod. Anyway, I figured it was just a nod to Oz, and I chuckled to see it.

I also have the same reaction to Philip Glass.

I didn’t watch Oz, so I don’t know. But it had me on the floor.

I thought it was a brilliant episode, one of their best. And while I still hate his architecture, anyone who can poke fun at himself like Frank Gehry did is aces in my book.

Another oh-so-subtle plug, Eve? You’re just shameless!

A thought strikes; didn’t we have an ep with Homer as a prison guard before? When Bart was in detention?

Yes, in The Wandering Juvie. Although I think that was just one scene, and he wasn’t a prison guard here, so it’s a little different.

When the Shelbyville-ites were taunting the Simpsons because they were from Springfield…they’d point at them and go ‘hooo hooo hoooo’. Was there some significance behind that that I can’t place??

My favorite part was when Mr. burns was going through the list of drugs Homer supposedly took.

Also, Homers gold chain that had “Snitch Life” on it was classic as well.

I liked the gag at the beginning poking fun at the amount of people that get producer credits. 2 and a half minutes in and they were still listing co-executive producers!

The Shelbyville-ite’s hooting was hilarious. I’m still wandering around going “hoo hoo hoo” under my breath.

Overall it was a decent episode. The jokes were great but the plot was all over the place.

What? No mention of the prison abuse reference, including Smithers ability to rapidly find torture devices and people to point at genitals.

I’d forgotten about that, Wolfian.

I must’ve missed that… what was it?

And me and someone else both looked at each other and went “Monorail” at the town hall scene where they were trying to come up with something to help their town’s image.

I just checked another 16th season episode and it turns out what I thought was a producer credit rake gag is in fact the producer credit list at the beginning of every show. :smack:

I thought of the Film Festival.

Wiggum to Smithers: “If I didn’t arrest you that night in the park, I’m certainly not going to now.”