Simpsons Didn't Do It!

Yes, they have. Worst. Episode. EVER.

Yes, Comic Book Guy posted on “alt.geek.obsessive” (or something like that) to find out who was going to play “Radioactive Man” in the movie.

And of course Homer had his own website, initially a collection of stuff ripped off other sites, then a gossip page that gets him and the family banished to The Village.

There is the case of mistaken sexual assault when Homer grabs the Gummy di Milo off the babysitter’s rear end.

The two space aliens, Kang and Kudos, try to take over the world. The episode I remember is when they pose as presidential candidates.

I haven’t seen a nun with a spear through her head. What’s black, white, and red and gets stuck in revolving doors…

On a serious note, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone shooting pool. I know Moe’s has a pool table, but I don’t remember seeing people play. I’m guessing someone can correct me, though.

Don’t forget the “Mr. X” episode where Homer posts all the town’s secrets on a website.

Have they done Geocaching?

I don’t think so.

Have they done mail-order brides?

The episode which contains Mr Burns’s long lost son (played by Rodney Dangerfield) - Burns and Smithers are in his rail car playing pool - Mr. Burns takes a shot just as the train hits the brakes and all the balls end up in the pockets at the opposite end of the table from him.

I don’t think they’ve done a time machine travel forward to Futurama (yet).

There’s also the episode with Homer and the Stonecutters. Homer, the Chosen One, shoots all the balls into a hole in one try, but his end of the pool table is jacked up high.

What about an episode where Ned Flanders is caught performing auto-erotic asphixia?

They had a mail-order husband.

Have they done a Star Wars spoof? And not just CBG dressed up as someone.

Homer did act as Mark Hamill’s security.

Have they done a looting, burning, pillaging barbarian horde?


When Burns shut down the power plant the city went into rioting and looting mode, instantly.

They also did a savaging of Lucas with Cosmic Wars.

Have they had Spider-Man guest appear? I know Family Guy had him. “Everybody gets one!” :smiley:

Well, there was the episode not too long ago where they ripped on George Lucus and episode 1 pretty hard. The movie they were watching obviously wasn’t Episode 1, but of course, there was no doubt in anybody’s mind.