Simsons A-Z list

TV Guide-Canada has a Simpsons A-Z character list. Discuss.

My 2 cents:

Very inconsistent in what part of a name counts:

Groundskeeper Willie is a ‘G’
Doctor Julius Hibbart is a ‘J’
Mayor Joe Quimby is a ‘Q’. (Guess they needed a ‘Q’.)

The little known facts are sometimes interesting but they could have done better. Dr. Hibbart actually has two long lost brothers. And I don’t get the “Oscar the Grouch” reference under ‘O’.

I know ‘X’ is hard to fill, but certainly ‘Y’ can’t be that difficult. (And searching SNPP is cheating.)

-Yes, I farklurk.

Which character is P? P’s a pretty important letter, don’t you think? :wink:

…And I don’t get the “Oscar the Grouch” reference under ‘O’.[/QUOTE}
Oscar the Grouch did a “cameo” in the episode where Homer’s the Springfield Sanitation Commissioner.

But I wouldn’t count cameos as being Simpsons characters. E.g. Paul, George and Ringo, or Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger.

Didn’t Oscar also do a cameo when PBS hunted Homer down because of his pledge drive promise?

For P, I hope they used Dancin’ Pete. He dances for nickels!

Handsome Pete, I think. Right?

Them bastards left out Disco Stu.


No X and Y?

How about Mr. X - Homer’s muckraking Internet journalist? “Mayor funds secret swimming pool?! There’s no emoticon for what I’m feeling!!!”

Y: I can’t come up with anything, dammit.

For Y about the only thing I can come up with Yeardly Smith, but that isn’t really in the spirit of the list.