Since there haven't been any recent "odd names" threads...

I’m doing a little overtime work and happened across this one: Beat A. Imhof. Yes, it’s a real name; Mr. Imhoff is from Switzerland and holds a few patent applications in the field of cancer treatment.

Sorta in the same catagory, under a Local Business:

Johnson Sharpening Service: Drop offs or While U Wait.


I knew a Rembrandt imitator painter whose name was Abijah T. Johnson. He was fairly well off through his amazing skills (looked so much like the originals, many reviewers were fooled before his sig was pointed out), but he was almost certifiable as a loon. Not so crazy that he couldn’t function in everyday society, but well beyond simply eccentric.

He was also a good photographer and I was working for an art broker and running a photo studio at the time, so I kind of fell into associating with this very interesting fellow.

That name has stuck with me. In fact, I use a part of it as an online ID in some other places. (Abijah_T_Bindersnatch)

I got some spam the other day from Uganda P. Homesteaded.

Those guys got a random word generator or something?

I have a winner: I met a little girl the other day named Ninja. Seriously.

A work associate: Peter Shaver

I’m easily amused.

Yep. And now, so do you! Have fun.

-Telecommunication H. Wainscoting, at your service :cool:

I worked at a summer school this year, and some of these kids have crazy names.

Major (and his siblings, Cyan and Talon)
Nautica (and her siblings, Aumnya, Ovious, Envious, and…Thomas?)
Linden and Rowan (sisters)

In my job I deal with property deeds, and a few of the names that have shown up are:

Rock Messerschmidt
Oral Butcher (wonder if he’s a dentist)
Crystal Laser (married to a Robert Laser)

Oh, and I forgot one little girl: Halle Wood.

Kidde R. Setback at yours. :smiley:

Was his last name Major as well? Because that’d totally rock!

That would be a catch 22 for sure.

Where I work we have two customers whose names make me giggle when I think of them together: Harry Johnson and Willy Shavers.

My random name is Chandler R. Wiretapper. :cool:

Some random data entry names:
Future Blu’Silver
Meghaan (yes two As)
Zhhaniqua (yes two Hs)
Howard James

(All of these were girls’ names, btw, including the last one.)

Didn’t the lead singer of Korn name his kid Pirate?

July 23, 2005

Jack Doff Real Estate
(I don’t remember this decades-old one, but my dad says he used to push me past in the pram and wish I was old enough to share the joke with).

Denver Beanland
(Australian politician)

Abbott and Costello
(these two guys could be runnning my country when the current Prime Minister leaves)

Richard Face
(Australian Politician)

I’m in residential property managment now … I’ve got some good ones after only a week! KuFanya, Videtta, Dax, and Greco come to mind first.