Single mothers are always to blame

Thanks, guys…

Mom and son are fine. A few “plucky kid” notes:

  • they gave him gas instead of a needle, so he was quite blase about the surgery.
  • before surgery, the doctor asked “Boy” if he could wiggle his fingers. He did; the ones on the other hand.
  • in the recovery room, giddy from the gas, he earnestly informed all and sundry that they ROCKED–and then bugged his mom to leave now so they could pick up their packets for a charity race/walk.
  • yep, he insisted on walking Race For The Cure for breast cancer.

AND he insists that he be the one to tell his Dad. He’s a great, mature kid and he knows the score. And that’s the saddest thing of all.

Side info: his Dad lives w/ his mom; he’s on disablity but still works under the table and his income is shielded. Truly sucks, huh?

But his clever scam is only temporarily successful; his own son, young as he is, sees the truth clearly. The father has beaten the system but lost the respect and love of his son.

What an idiot.


Larry complained that TERRY had threatened him. Sorry about that.


Boy, aren’t they though?

Single mothers; those mooching fuckers! If not for them a scant amount of my tax dollars could go to the already over inflated military budget!

But hey, it’s a lot easier to blame everything on them, isn’t it? Those fucking shits! Welfare queens and all! Less than 1% of the US budget but hey, who’s counting? Especially when they are such easy targets?

How easy can you get? Women who often work two jobs, women that struggle to even meet basic care needs… those evil bitches! And they are often too busy or even DENIED the right to go and vote… how convenient! Blame them and then deny them the right to defend themselves… remind you of the slave trade? Oh, wait, we can’t draw that comparison since we are not talking about race here. No, we are talking about sex… sex of the voter.

What about the men who father these children? Well, it’s not THEIR fault. If these stupid bitches would have kept their legs crossed or figured out birth control these men wouldn’t have ever BEEN in this position!

Men are entirely blameless for this!


Men were just doing what came naturally to them.

It’s the women (original sin and all) that are at fault.

If not for our devastating seduction that overpowered men, we would be as fruitless as barren fields.

Single mothers are to blame for every wrong in the U.S. (If you happen to live in a more enlightened place your results might vary, THANK GODS!).

Single mothers.

Truly the evil of all.


I used to think I was a top-notch cynic.

I bow to the master.

This story really pisses me off too!! I mean I understand it is a cop’s job the question what is not clear to get to a just answer. But to rant in the woman’s face and in the hospital in not okay. He needs to chill out and if he is worried conduct and investigation. That is his job! It makes me angry that people will jump to unjust conclusions. They do NOT know the whole the story and should not pass judgement until the do!!

Thanks, I had to state my piece!!

In Ontario, a man was recently arrested after the Children’s Aid Society recommended his arrest because he had taken a picture of his baby in the bath; the CAS’s rationale was that since the baby was naked in the bath (duh) the picture was, technically, child pornography.

The police recently dropped the charges, thank God.

IMO and experience, child-welfare laws have gotten really goofy. As some of y’all have pointed out, it’s now possible to have your life ruined because of spiteful neighbors, opinionated cops, and ignorant teachers/social workers/ministers/whoever.

These laws serve a huge political advantage to legislators, district attorneys, judges, and are a terrific financial boon to defense attorneys who get paid to defend these silly cases. They also cause a LOT of pain to the families who get caught up in them. Imagine having your life literally ruined because of a spiteful neighbor or an opinionated cop. Even if you’re found “not guilty” or “unfounded”, there’s still a record on it, and the complaint can pop up, leaving you to explain it.

Sorry… touchy subject.


Byzantine, I bow to you.

We had that case here in MI where a kid was tried as an adult for murder when he was 12. I nearly drove myself into a concrete wall listening to the morons on talk radio drone on and on about whether the mother was to blame vs. the system (he’d been a problem child and the mom repeatedly sought help, with poor results…bottom line was this troubled kid was unsupervised on the day in question because mom was at work). It was, in fact, a valid issue to discuss, but not one single sentient person brought up the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this kid wouldn’t have gotten so messed up if his father hadn’t abandoned the family yers ago and left the mom to deal with the wage-earning, the child-rearing, and the help-seeking on her own.

Uh, anyway, loved your rant.

Hey, there!

I came across this thread again while looking for something else. So what’s the latest on the little man? I take it his arm has healed? And how did the poop-for-brains father handle the news? And PLEASE tell me the friend reported that cop to his superiors!!!


this reminded me of the woman i saw on tv last night, who was arrested for dragging her add son out of a store while he was throwing a fit. they called it abuse.

these are the same sons of bitches who invented a story about my fiancé being abused as a child. the story was a complete lie (he was too excited about a trip to grandpa’s to concetrateon school; they said he was upset because he’d been abused). but the part that really hurt was that later, when he was being abused, no one believed him thanks to the earlier lie.

Folks, nowadays, any injury on children has to be reported if there were suspicious circumstances surrounding it. The cop may have went a little overboard in this case.

However, about electronic filing: It is done to detect patterns in a case, be it a false accuser, a pattern of abuse, etc. Also, it is done to improve recordkeeping. A case in New York resulted in a child’s death because the caseworker didn’t have the previous files of the mother who abused, and later killed, the child. As a result, we have Eliza’s law, which mandates a thorough physical and electronic record filing system of all cases handled by the local government Child Welfare Center (It is called Administration for Children’s Services in New York City). There is a process of having such a record purged from the system. That is also relatively thorough, and takes a while, and only relates to ‘Unfounded cases’.

It is a frequent occurence that the alleged abuse in a single-parent household is caused by a boyfriend/girlfriend of the single parent.

I totally agree with everything that has been posted. I’ve seen innocent people persecuted when they did nothing wrong. HOWEVER, and Veb, you might’ve read about this since you live in the same state as me:

A 2-year old girl was murdered recently. The boyfriend of her mother is on trial for murder, and the mother is on trial for (I think) child endangerment. Social Services was called repeatedly, and they are under fire for not doing enough to protect this child. Our governor (who disclosed that he was abused as a child) was particularly outraged by this. The evidence is overwhelming against the boyfriend - he had blood on his underwear (did I mention that the little girl was also found to be sexually abused?), blood on the end of a broomstick (I don’t even want to think about that), and in other various places - all matched the child’s DNA.

I find it unbelievably sad that the authorities knew something was wrong in this house, and they didn’t intervene in time.

Wow. Eerie simulpost.

As I have not been introduced, I’d like to say hello and say that I am sister to one in this group. I’ll let her announce herself, or revolk ownership. I give you the facts that may have been over looked on this subject. The first of which is that 12years old in the majority of counties across the US is considered the age that is allowable for a child to be unsupervised during the day time hours. And the age allowable to watch younger siblings, as per Protective Services guidelines on neglect.
Also your friend has every right to file charges of harrassment and discrimination against that officer, not only for the comments made to her but the embarrasment she and her son experienced, and adding further trauma to an already negative experience for that child. Attorneys love these cases!!! Good luck, And best wishes to them both.

For a truly sad article about the possible consequences of being reported to Child Protective Services, see

My cousin has a birthmark on his face. One time a woman followed my aunt out of K-Mart to her car to take down her license plate and report to the police that her son was being abused, because of the enormous “bruise” on his face. The women told the police that she was a nurse and was legally required to report it. Maybe nurses have to report evidence of abuse that they see in a clinical setting, but I find it difficult to believe that they’re supposed to be vigilant for bruises in K-Mart. Not to mention that no nurse should have mistaken this birthmark for a bruise - it doesn’t look anything like it. Nor do kids ever get bruised faces for any reason other than abuse… The police came to my aunt’s house, took one look at her son (who was asleep), and shrugged their shoulders and left, so it didn’t turn out to be a traumatic experience for him, but it really upset my aunt.

Hey, time really does heal all, well most wounds!

You’re very thoughtful, Marvel, to have remembered this and asked, and many thanks for the info, Callisto. Any wonder I’m loyal to this board? Amazing how many good, bright folks around to offer help.

Happy endings do happen:

  • The Kid healed way faster than his doc could believe, and his cast came off a few weeks ago. After a miserable few days, he bounced back and rather enjoyed the drama and perks that went with the injury.

In mystifying male fashion, he’s now rather an Iron Man of his bike riding set, which he relishes greatly. And he got lots of neat computer games, etc. too. (I kept the “thank you” card he scrawled to me with his good hand: melt, melt.)

  • his mom did call the Police Dept. to report the incident, after much nervous debate about letting sleeping dog lie. Turns out one of the “cell phone moms” from the park already reported it. I guess the cop was even more vocal to her, maybe assuming she’d be very sympathetic to his views; “good mom vs bad mom”. Didn’t work; she was so pissed she called and reported him.
    (That’s a cop who’s burned out; hope he gets help.)

  • the sleaze-bag dad made a few threatening noises, which The Kid promptly shut down. This is the sad part. The Kid is just beginning to grow into his face and bones. Strange and wonderful to see the man peeping out of the boy face. But he’s already more mature than his father.

Anyway, he politely but acidly informed his dad that it was an accident, and offered to get witness statments. (Did I mention he’s a frighteningly bright little pissant?) The feeble threats stopped. I wish The Kid didn’t have to have that kind of knowledge and instinct this young, but he does.

So…everything is cool.

Of course, the doc told him stay off his bike, skateboard and skates for a while. The Kid promptly zoomed off on all three the first day the cast was off as soon as his mom’s back was turned. He’s still very much a happy kid.