Sinister trends in commercials

I don’t watch that much TV, I prefer to spend my TV time on the 'net. There are some shows I try to catch if I can remember. One of my kids will sometimes come in the bedroom and turn on the tiny black and white in my bedroom. So my sample size is admittedly small. But. . . are commercials turning sinister?

First there was the Snuggles commercial that Eve started a thread about. The one where cutie Snuggles snickers and plots against the hedgehog. Then there are the dancing BK chickens. Cha-chaing their way into your stomach. Creepy.

And then there was the Fishes one. They used to have that cute little song-- I love fishes 'cause they’re so delicious-- but now their tag line is: The snack that smiles at you---- until you bite its head off!
Way creepy.

That Goldfish jingle cracks me up, but I am surprised PETA hasn’t jumped all over them.

I guess I don’t watch much TV, but I’ll keep an eye open.
I thought the Dell Wuss was as sinister as TV could get. Why is he so much older than the curly haired kid? Why does he take a girl to an electronics store on a date? What is that crack about the tights?

The Chicken Whopper commercial disturbs me. Chickens aren’t the brightest animals in the barnyard, but they ought to be clued in as to why a chicken sandwich is bad for them. Someone should have clued them in, using small, small words and handpuppets if necessary.

Those damn “ZOOM ZOOM” commercials make me want to carve my eyes out with a rusty mellon baller. Gah!

I think the most sinister trend in commercials is the casual transformation of Spider-Man into just another merchandising ploy in the Nokia and Hardee’s commericials. This is just plain wrong.

The Goldfish commericial is pretty weird as well.

Oh, there is some seafood chain, too—I can’t remember the name—that has some very disturbing spots. A guy at an aquarium gazing longingly at the fish while dreaming of goimg to that restaurant . . . a crablegs ad that shows either live crabs’ legs or PEOPLES’ legs running around . . . Just creepy and they make me very unhungry.

Those Burger King chickens step-kicking to their own demise are horrors . . . And now that I have learned to link, I can introduce you to The Cannibal Pig

i wouldn’t mind a “zoom zoom” commercial where the “Zoom Zoom” Kid gets ran over by whatever stupid car he pushes. If that happened, i’d probably buy a car from that company.

One of the earlier commercials that creeped me out as a kid was those McDonalds commercials where Ronald is all buddy buddy with the Chicken McNuggets and then one of them leaps into the container of BBQ sauce and everyone has a chuckle!

Since I’m a newbie and haven’t figured out how to post a link yet, I’ll just copy/paste this URL which also mentions the demise of those poor Chicken McNugets and the commercials “obvious” hidden meaning hehehe

I remember those McDonald’s commercials. Any ad where the food talks is troublesome. When it acts eager to be eaten, then it gets very strange. Always makes me think of that SNL parody about the chicken describing what’s done to prepare him to be eaten.

Oh, and welccome to the SDMB, sonicsink!

The current commercial on my creep list is the one for Degree, where the burglar guy (I think he’s a burglar) puts gel deodorant on the soles of his feet. The mere thought of putting gel deodorant on my feet makes me skeeve big time. Every time I see the commercial, I find myself still mulling over it 20 minutes later, and my feet are cringing.

In regards to food that talks, remember Douglas Adam’s “Dish of the Day” inRestaurant at the End of the Universe ?

What I really don’t understand about the commercial where the guy puts the deoderant on his feet is the dogs. Okay, so the floor is heat sensitive, so he puts the ultra-coolant deoderant on his feet. His partner knows about the attack dogs and that they will go for him.

Wouldn’t the dogs’ feet set off the heat sensored floor? So what was the point of the deoderant - why not just run in there and grab the shit before the dogs try and tear you a new one? They’re gonna set off the floor either way.

Or maybe I’m just giving this far too much thought.


Nothing compares with the hard lemonade comercials

You can NEVER give it too much thought! This site is here to eradicate ignorance, so i propose a frame by frame analysis and break down of this commercial. Also, interrogation of the actor, actress, director, ad agency, and dog handler. then we need to chemically analyse the deoderant and determine its attractiveness to guard dogs in a heat sensitive room (both with and without EM interferrence from the electronics she uses to communicate with the agent dude). I’ll get right on that, after i determine where Judge Crater is (my working theory, 1345 Second Avenue, but no one was home earlier today).

Yeah! I know what you mean!

When I first saw that one with the weird monster paratroopers (or whatever they’re supposed to be) and just kinda’ watched it with my jaw agape, half expecting it to be one of these parody commercials you see on Saturday Night Live. The fact that they were selling “hard lemonade” didn’t help? WTF is hard lemonade?

I like the one where the guy chops off his own foot. He just kinda slips up and is like “Oh well.”

I think the most sinister plot of commercials are to be sooo fucking annoying, that when it comes time to bitch about them, you forget all about it, but then as soon as you’re better and ready to move on, they come up again. There are a slew of commercials right now I just HATE, but as of right now, not a damn one comes to mind.

In terms of sinister, though, there is that ingenious Juicy Fruit one with the bear trap. And there’s the Smirnof Ice one with the two campers and the bear, where in order to protect the drinks, one camper sprays honey all over the other. Then there’s the salmon company’s commercial where the guy fights the bear for the fish and kicks it in the nuts. That’s just mean.

But commercials have always been cruel. Anyone remember the Outpost.Com commercials from about five years ago? They’re some of my favorite of all time. One has them firing a gerbil out of a cannon through the hole in the O in their logo, which just so happens to be posted on a small brick wall. It takes them about four or five tries. Then there’s the marching band one where they unleash a pack of wolves on the unsuspecting high school students. And who could forget the day care visit, when they tatoo their logo on the foreheads of all the children. Man, watching people suffer is funny. :slight_smile:
unless it’s me…then it just sucks.