Sinkhole on White House Lawn

A sinkhole has opened up on the White House lawn. This is just too convenient for jokes. Drain the swamp indeed.

I prefer to think of it as the Great Dark Lord calling his servants home.

Blame Trump’s escape tunnel.

:wink: He needs a fast way out in case Mueller stops by.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for volcanic fissure.

World’s biggest political joke?? :smiley:

The Hellmouth is opening!

Since one also opened near Mar-A-Lago it could be a sign.

Waaay ahead of me there.

Better get some Mexicans to build a wall around that thing, quick. There’s no telling who’s going to come out of there!

Damn, even the White House is trying to roll over into its’ grave!

Devil’s Anus sinkhole.

Mandatory link to Kliban’s Nixon Monument. It’s far more than he deserved…

If that thing swallows up Trump, thousands of atheists will return to God, unable to refute this proof of His Power. Hallelujah!

Unlikely, it’s more likely this will be perceived as a manifestation of the Earth goddess Gaia herself. Excuse me while I plant a persimmon tree, burn some sage and offer a golf clap to the Great Mother.

That’s certainly a groundbreaking event.

I’m beginning to wonder if this thread is violating the rule about political jabs in breaking news stories. Mods, can we get a ruling please?

By “Mod”, I’m assuming you mean “moderate person”. As a moderate person myself, I rule that this is just an exchange of witticisms for the sake of humor, and not a serious attack on “45”. :wink:

This is not the kind of “breaking news” thread we try to protect from being hijackwd by a political discussion.

Carry on.

… maybe he means fancily-dressed fan of The Faces?

In any case, a sinkhole opens in the WH lawn, what would we possibly imagine the comments would be like? I suppose as long as we keep it light-hearted we’re safe.

Is this a w(hole) change to existing policy? Are we breaking new ground here?