Skid Row--you crossed the line.


After mentioning the fact that I’d been raped in my past, something I did only because you’d attempted to shame me on behalf of all the rape victims out there, you feel compelled to post this.

Excuse the fuck out of me? You don’t believe me? Wait while I let that incredibly disgusting remark sink in. Or don’t. Instead, how about you shut your ugly fucking mouth while you’re still somewhat ahead. You think it’s “convienent”, do you? You think that I, as a nine-year-old child, raped and humiliated, found it convienent, because I knew that at some point in my future I’d be able to use the experience to make a point against some random asshole on a fucking message board? I don’t even know how to begin explaining to you how angry that remark made me. And since you’ve never been raped (OBVIOUSLY, or you’d know better than to accuse someone of lying about it) it wouldn’t even matter if I could articulate what I’m feeling right now because there’s no way your heartless ass could ever hope to understand. But you’ve just spit on every tear I’ve ever shed over my rape. You say you’re “sorry”? Well, I agree. You are sorry. A sorry fucking excuse for a sentient human being.

And I find it highly ironic that in the same post, you dismiss somone’s opinion because of their registration date. This is not the first time I’ve talked about my rape around here, so maybe you’re the one who should put in a little more time before you go making incredibly insulting claims about what is and isn’t true. I can only hope you treat the women whose rapists you supposedly prosecute with a little more respect than you’ve shown me, you putrid fuck. I’m going to stop now, because I’m literally shaking with rage and I come here to enjoy myself, not to be driven to tears by pigs like you. But fuck you. May your fucking life be as devoid of happiness as your posts are of compassion. Hopefully, someone else can take up where I’m leaving off, because if anyone deserves it it’s you.

On the one hand no one deserves a pitting more than Skid Row.

On the other hand he’s not even worth the effort.

He was insulting to many people in that thread. Many he called by name and personally insulted. He also insulted huge numbers of parents who occassionally swat their children’s behinds, and called them ‘child beaters’ and worse.

But, oh belladonna, no one was insulted more than you.

I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to have to read that verbal diarrea spewing forth from him.

But consider the source. This isn’t a repected member of our little society. He isn’t someone whose opinion carries any weight at all. No one is going to believe him above you.

Hard as it may be, don’t let this raving loony get to you.

Was that, Skid Row, or just Skid Mark?

Speaking of convenient things that I don’t believe:

Bull fucking shit, Skid Row. This is a fantasy that has become reality in your mind, but didn’t happen. After reading that, you come across as a scared child that never has gotten beyond your abuse. If trying to make everyone else feel worse is your way of dealing with it, that’s pretty sad. Too bad you do a disservice to other victims of abuse that have managed to recover from their experiences.

You’re not excused from polite society because of what happened to you, scumsicle. Apologizing to belladonna would be a good way back in…

Oh look, Captain Hilarity docking on Port Comedy, aboard the good ship Elm Mao.


If only we had a rule against being a jerk on these boards. Oh wait, we do. Bye, asshole.

God, and s/he’s a prosecutor! :smack:

Yep…Skid Row is a real charmer alright. If one of my boys had spoken to belladonna like that, he would’ve gotten a damn sight more than a spanking.

The ‘abuse’ that Skid dished out in that thread, I suspect, has caused more pain and suffering than the smacking he is so quick to condemn.

Think about it Skid…abuse takes all sorts of shapes.

Wow. What an unspeakable piece of shit.

Skid Row is one of those few members here whose opinions/statements are not worthy of consideration or the time it takes to respond to them.

Check a few of his back posts, you’ll see what I’m referring to.

My God, that trainwreck is still going on?

My jaw dropped literally when I read that. I mean, if that isn’t being a jerk, what IS?

Wow. If ever someone needed to be banned, it was Skid Row, right here, right now.

I think he’s taken the “Don’t be a jerk” rule and rolled it up and used it as ass-wipe.


Oh, goodie goodie. I saw this thread title and thought to myself “why, it isn’t my birthday today!”

Skid Row you pathetic piece of shit, do you get off on verbally abusing people? Because that’s what you did in that thread.

I can get over your petty, childish insults directed at me, but what you did to belladonna is beyond assholish. It’s disgusting and downright bannable.

I will dance a little happy dance of joy when your sorry ass gets banned.

You mother fucking sorry excuse for a human.

Oh, my! That drippy dick has got you so upset, you can’t use the English language any more, lezlers:smiley:

But seriously, what a diseased asshole. I tried my best in the originally referenced thread to be polite to this guy (or whatever), but he conveniently started ignoring me.

belladonna I was so outraged by what he said to you that I almost felt physically nauseous for a moment, no kidding! I’m so sorry you had to put up with that!:eek:

That’s got to be among the top five statements on this MB that I’ve ever read with all the balls in the world behind it for totally the wrong reason.

I’m sorry if I wasn’t eloquent enough for you. :rolleyes:

I wasn’t flaming to impress, I was flaming to vent.

(If your comment was good natured, then nevermind)

If Skid Row doesn’t get his worthless ass banned for that, well, I’ll have lost at least a smidgen of respect for the administration here. I literally can’t think of something more banworthy. I’d sooner give a pass to someone spamming plagiarized passages from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in ATMB than I’d let someone get away with shit like that. Asolutely disgusting and inexcusable.

My only hope is he comes in here and tries to “defend” himself.

Well, Lynn told him to “chill” so that should clear everything up nicely.

Yanno, I find it fascinating that someone who says he spends his working life prosecuting rapists should be apparently unaware that when a woman says she has been raped, you do not immediately respond by calling her a liar. :rolleyes:

I would like to pat this guy lightly on his diaper-clad ass… since, by his lights, this is apparently the direct equivalent of beating the shit out of him.

lezlers, this is me, neverminding. It was good natured, which is why I put a smiley behind it. His intentional mis-spellings of your name in the original thread pissed me off. I was just havin’ some fun with ya! :slight_smile: