Skrooh you, Nike!

So what’s next after terminating Pacquiao’s endorsement contract with you, tell everyone else to do the same? And then after a lot of apologies, reversals, and promises to bend to your pro-gay ideals, you’re going to take him back in, right?

Aww, poor you.

It’s ok, you can say hateful things and have no risk of Nike terminating your contract.

What the fuck is this all about? And while we’re at it, Fuck Apple, too!

If I was the one, I’d feel honored to be treated the same as Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius. They’re my kind of guys. But a congressman-preacher quoting something from the bible? Screw them!

Bigotry is a-okay as long as it comes from a religious text!

Oooh, do we get to watch?

I missed the memo…is the_diego just another boring troll, or does he have a shtick?

Oh yeah. And supporting just one side of the argument is as brilliant as inventing the title “Greatest basketball player of all time.” The only thing I don’t like about Pacquiao right now is his obvious bias against animals.

No, a knife.

Fuck **the_diego **and Pacquiao. Armstrong and Pistorius too.

(Actually I’d love to fuck Oscar Pistorius. But that’s for another thread.)

That’s four people who discovered the key to success is in doing good, not bowing to other people’s feelings.

Let me get this straight: a man convicted of murdering his girlfriend is “your kind of guy”? And you admire him for caring so little about her that he killed her?

Here’s a clue: one act or mistake doesn’t make a or un-make a man. And I don’t really care about other people’s sexual preferences.

Saying “Fuck X,” where “X” is another poster, is against the rules. Naturally, this does not apply to shitbags like Pacquiano et. al.

No warning issued, but please avoid this in the future.

Pardon me for imposing my culture’s hegemonic preference for linear narrative on your rant, but is this thread about anything?

With interactive narratives, you can only tell when you reach the end.

Apologies for the hijack but what is being discussed here?

Apparently the OP is upset that Pacquiao was fired by Nike for his anti-gay comments.

@** zoid**:

Let me know if you ever find out.

Who is Pacquiao, and which comments are those?