Man trying to burn his Nikes Burns down house [Hoax].

Is it wrong that I find this amusing?

If finding that amusing is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

I am curious why they arrested him though. Is being stupid against the law now? If so, we’re going to need a whole lot more jail space.

Well, I suppose he could conceivably be nailed for arson insurance fraud. But in this case I’m just guessing it might have more to do with gross negligence/potentially threatening his neighbor’s property.

He soaked them in kerosene before lighting them inside his garage. It must surely be some kind of crime to endanger anyone else in the house (and your neighbors) with such reckless behavior, even if the recklessness stems from stupidity rather than malice.

Only because it goes way beyond amusing.

Boy, he sure owned those libs, didn’t he?

You have to figure he would be the type to have an American flag attached to that house.

Sigh. Of course he was filming it on his iPhone. :smack:

Or not. If you google, you’ll find many claimsthat the story is a hoax.

Maybe we’ll know which by this time tomorrow.

Here is a story saying it is a hoax from the local newspaper, who should know.


What a stupid piece of shit. If something like this happens accidentally due to faulty electrical wiring that’s out of a homeowner’s control, etc. - that’s one thing. But, this guy willingly & knowingly endangered himself & others by doing something incredibly stupid like this. Dumb-ass.

EDIT: If this is a hoax, my bad - LOL.

Yeah, that website cited in the OP is fake. You can tell by the “Sport” category; in the US that would be “Sports”.

The real USA Today website is here: It makes no mention of anyone burning their house down over a pair of Nikes.

Fake shoes.

I don’t want to read about it; I want to see it on TV, I’ll believe those Talking Heads about some guy Burning Down the House.

When the issue involves fire, quite often it is effectively “illegal to be stupid”. Fire isn’t a toy, and fooling around with it irresponsibly can cause a massive disaster and kill large numbers of people.

The recent spate of highly destructive wildfires across multiple regions of the world demonstrates that quite vividly. I still have the breath mask on my desk that I used during the fire that destroyed a fair chunk of my home town.

Yep. And I fell for it. I feel like an idiot. The URL is which is not the URL for USA Today.

I apologize for posting this. My explanation is that I got the link from someone who’s accuracy I trust, but that’s not a good excuse.

Well, many of us did too. The truthiness was palpable. Too perfect to be true, I guess.

This is how it’s done. Assuming that it was put out by Russians (which may or may not be a correct assumption) it’s designed to appeal to one faction’s need to view the other faction as idiots, thus fanning the flames and deepening the divide.

Very good. Ten internet points for you.


The whole “minorities are inferior to whites” thing isn’t enough of a “divide”?!?

Arson is inherently dangerous to the community at large and is illegal even if you own the property and even without a subsequent insurance claim.