Man trying to burn his Nikes Burns down house [Hoax].

I don’t get your point. Assuming that this article is an attempt to divide (rather than just being click bait) then, from their viewpoint, the more division the better.

Oh dear.

I see what you did there. :wink:

Nike only hired Kapernick to show that they have sole.

In related news…

These Military Members Are Proudly Showing Off Nike Combat Boots In Response to New Ad Campaign

You may find yourself
Living in a suburban house
And you may find yourself
With a pair of Nike shoes
And you may find yourself
With a match and a can of gasoline
And you may ask yourself
Well, should I do this?

Letting the days go by, let the fire burn me down
Letting the days go by, shoes burning in the garage
Up into smoke again the house is burning down
Once in a lifetime, I think I burned my house down

And you may ask yourself
Where is my beautiful house?
And you may ask yourself
Where is my beautiful car?
And you may ask yourself
Was I right? Was I wrong?
And you will say to yourself, “My God, what have I done?”

Same as it ever was

I’m saying that I can’t see how you can deepen the divide between a typical liberal and a typical Trump supporter any more than it already is.

At least they were decisive, no waffling.

I’ve seen some Nike ads (on Facebook) along the lines of “How to Safely Burn Our Products” but I have not bothered to check whether they were actually produced by Nike or whether they were just random people being funny, because frankly it doesn’t really matter.

For those who haven’t read the entire thread, it turns out that this is fake news.

They should market some flammable cardboard shoes. They’d sell a million of them!

Maybe. Insurance people I’ve talked to often tell me it’s not a crime to burn down your house if you don’t make a false insurance claim. The Washington state crime or Arson requires “malice” so I’m not sure this guy would be guilty in Washington

Reckless burning better fits the facts of the fake story in the OP:

But there is a defense if you’re trying to get rid of your own property:

Another Facebook-y meme going around features the legend “How to Annoy a Conservative” and a picture of Nike shoes bearing an American flag design. Mildly risible.

Almost apropos of nothing . . .

I was in the jury pool for the trial of a guy who was accused of burning down his house to collect the insurance money. His lawyer was questioning the roomful of potential jurors:

“How many of you have ever lived paycheck to paycheck?”

About half of the people raised a hand.

Lawyer, growling sarcastically: “And how many of you burned down your house because of that?”

I didn’t get chosen for the jury, and I don’t know how the trial turned out, but I would definitely hire that lawyer if I were in trouble. With that question and tone of voice, he probably won his case before the trial started.

I hope not because I find it hysterically funny! LOL

It remains to be seen whether their ads will get any traction.

Actual cases of homeowners burning down their own residences are very, very rare. Cases of insurance companies accusing homeowners of arson, not quite so rare.

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Fuck that! I’m Spaz-Dancing!

Sure . . . if you want to believe the lame-stream media!!!11