SleeStak gets some kitten love

My cats think I am their Dad. I have had my two cats since they were born. Since I am their Dad I must be cat. Since I am cat, I am cleanable. So they clean my face and hands all the time. This, since they are cats, involves lots of licking. I can put up with it for a bit before it starts driving me nuts.

So tonight I had been playing with my camera a bit. I was lying on the bed and my cat Slee decided that my nose wasn’t quite clean enough. I managed to snap this picture. The focus isn’t very good because I just pointed the camera to what I thought was right and snapped the picture. Focusing doesn’t work very well when a cat is licking your nose. The cat gets in the way. The color wasn’t very good either because I had been shooting outside. So I played around a bit in Photo Impression.


Hey, very cute! But that’s what you get for washing your face with steak.

My cat thinks I’m his Mom. He sleeps on my head, front paws over my eyes, his head on my hair. He sleeps so soundly, I can get up, then come back and fit back into his “hug.” My husband gets jealous, not because He wants to cuddle me, he wants Max to sleep on his head.

My daughter’s cat will cuddle up in her lap every now and then and start nursing on her shirt. He’s about 5 years old, and he was an orphaned feral kitten when she got him. We had to bottle feed him, and I guess he just wasn’t quite done nursing when we weaned him.

In our house, the cats tend to wash their own people most, but will wash other people if the people need it.