Have fun with your screen-name, band-name, or whatever!

No Enola Straight, No Kiss
Enola Straight, The Revolution
The secret of Enola Straight
There’s only one thing I want in my life, and that is Enola Straight!
Enola Straight for you!
You can’t beat Enola Straight
And on the eighth day, God made Enola Straight
Enola Straight, the hell with the rest!
One goal, one passion…Enola Straight
Enola Straight ROCKS!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

your turn :wink:


Scribble is a female force.

Ha! They even knew I was a woman! Impressive, I’ll say.

Then there’s:

Scribble’s got it all
Go far with Scribble, and
For the love of Scribble.

“ivylass is my force”

And we hardly know each other…

And I just got “Truly Scribble.” That puzzles me a little. I mean, what else could I be? Falsely Scribble? What would that mean, to be falsely Scribble? Or maybe the opposite would be “Out-of-truely Scribble,” in which case, I’m either not on the level, or the spokes on my wheels don’t all have the right tension.

But, enough of this. I should get back to work.

It’s rather funny if you use it like a miniature Mad Lib.

Bulges, the secret of women.”
“I quit smoking with flatulence.”
Intestinal discomfort makes me hot.”
“And on the eighth day, God created duct tape.”
“A wiener schnitzel inside you.”
“Buy a randy goat now!”

Beware of Doug, better than sex!
Anyone can handle Beware of Doug.
There’s a bit of Beware of Doug in all of us.
With a name like Beware of Doug, it has to be good.
I lost weight with Beware of Doug.
Beware of Doug - be ready.

Oh yeah?

Nobody does it like Freckafree!

<gigi? Yes please!>

I like.

Damn, that’s fun. And a massive boost to the ego…although things started getting a bit odd towards the end.

Step into the light with Hal Briston.
Hal Briston - a class of it’s own
Connect with Hal Briston.
Hal Briston for the masses.
Hal Briston makes your day.
Hal Briston for everyone.
I want more, I want Hal Briston.
Enjoy Hal Briston.
Naughty little Hal Briston.
Hal Briston for you!
Hal Briston, since 1845.

“The SnakesCatLady way of life!”

I am slightly afraid of this.

Well that’s odd. I tried entering “Hal Briston” and all I got back was “If you like sheep, you’ll love Hal Briston.”

Uncommon Sense after a long day
Live Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense, the clever way


Then I tried my old username and came up with these;

God made whuckfistle
Jesus loves whuckfistle

I started to notice a trend and was afraid to continue, but one more submit led to this gem -

Once whuckfistle, always whuckfistle

True, dat. But I don’t think the Sloganizer knows what a whuckfistle acutally is…

Then once more for good measure.

Where the hell is whuckfistle?

Ah, it does know what a whuckfistle is!

The trouble with Scribbles.


How about:

The Queen buys Patty!

The Patty Spirit.

Say it with Patty.

You’ve one up’d me; Revenant Threshold is better than chocolate.

Though I did like “Revenant Threshold is forever.”. It sounds like a movie slogan.

"cruel butterfly - You see this name, you think dirty"
I’m not sure what I’d try to sell with this one, but I bet it’s a little dirty…:wink:

"cruel butterfly kicks ass"
Yeah, that’s right.

"There’s a bit of cruel butterfly in all of us"
Great, now I’m going to have to come up with a trademark stance.

"Everyone should believe in cruel butterfly"
This would be the official slogan of my new religion.

"Lightnin’, Better Than Sex!"

Well, yeah.

Very funny, good link.

The best Straight Dope in the world!
The Straight Dope-just do it!
The Straight Dope is rolling, the others are just stoned
Nobody dosen’t like the Straight Dope!

gardentraveler is our middle name!” was my favorite. Heeee.